Mac users looking for more features than the iPod will be happy to know that this player now features Mac compatibility. Click here to find out more. The blue-backlit, high-resolution x, bit grayscale LCD shows off icons and graphical sliders well, but some users might find that the small font causes a bit of eyestrain. The included carrying case has a firm belt strap for the latter option, and its padding offers protection against impact.

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Please read this manual carefully before using your new player. Page 3 Limited does not assume any responsibility for errors or omissions in this document or make any commitment to update the information contained herein. Page 4: Table Of Contents 1. Remote Control Software Installation Installing the iHP Device Driver Using as a Portable Storage Device Connect the adapter to the 5. Page 9 Connect the headphones and remote control as shown below.

Press it again to play. Page 10 To activate Navigation To increase volume. To select the previous track or FM station. To increase volume.

To select the next track or FM station. Internal Microphone 7. To change to record standby mode or start recording. Page Basic Operation The remote control operates every function by using 5 buttons. Main unit and Remote control both locked. Only Main unit is locked. Only Remote control is locked. A-B interval will be repeated. Navigation mode is useful for quickly searching your files by using ID3 tag information and file name.

Page 13 2. The function selection graphic displays on the LCD. It is important to perform the steps below after loading the iHP player for the first time.

TXT files into it. To Search a Text files generally Push lever to move to the next line during reading the text. Push lever to move to the next page during reading the text. To go to specific position Useful for large files. Push the button to select FM frequency. Press and hold the memory button.

FM Tuner reception may vary in different areas. This is only for MP3 file. Please refer to the function controls see page 44 for details for user-defined configurations. Press next track. Play all tracks in the folder and stop. Play all tracks in the folder repeatedly. Play all tracks in the player repeatedly. Users can configure their own settings. OFF : Displays track with file name. The change will take affect when the next track is played.

Page Rec Mode 2. Name the file name ex: iriver. Save to the player with the. M3U and the files added to the playlist. Page 26 Note : Only one song may be queued at a time.

Upgrade your firmware at www. It is the operating system that works in the iHP. Page 27 WAV. Folders and files are sorted in alphabetical order. Page 28 Should any problem persist after you have checked these symptoms, consult your iRiver dealer or contact support at iRiver.

Check whether the battery is discharged.


IRiver Data Play IDP-100 User Manual

Please read this manual carefully before use. Why DataPlay? About the iDP? DataPlay digital media is : 5. Page 4: About The Idp You can use the player as a portable storage device with M both sides , where you can easily find files or directories recorded in the media. How to upgrade Firmware You can upgrade the Operating System of the player by downloading from the internet. Log on to www.

AS 1562.1 PDF

IRiver iHP-140 Instruction Manual



PDF ユーザマニュアル の IRiver IHP-140 MP3 プレイヤー 無料ダウンロード


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