As a result of this expansion the substrate, the die, or the wire bonds could be damaged. The damage is often invisible and requires X-ray equipment to conduct a proper analysis. When the anti-static bag is opened and the ICs are exposed to ambient conditions, the moisture in the air is trapped inside the device. This means that during the PCB assembly process e. The bags shall be heat sealable. Desiccant shall be dustless, non-corrosive, and absorbent to amounts specified in the standard.

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Gardazahn Tables, and give reference conditions for drying SMD packages. Any such material that is included increases the amount of desiccant needed to meet the calculated shelf life see Clause 5. The supplier shall formally communicate to the distributor the maximum time that the product may be left unsealed at the j-wtdb. If the bags are opened under factory ambient conditions, see Clause 4.

Allow the cards to condition for a minimum of 24 hours. Storage of SMD packages in a dry cabinet should be limited to a maximum time per Table It does not apply to bulk solder re? If the time limit is exceeded the packages should be baked according to Table to restore the? Requirement, paragraph number Test Method numberparagraph number The referenced paragraph number has proven to be: We would like to thank them for their dedication to this effort. For moisture sensitivity, moisture from atmospheric humidity enters permeable packaging materials by diffusion.

Water clean processes after the? All testing occurs inside the chamber, while the cards are j-sttdb.

Storage in a dry cabinet may be considered equivalent to storage in a dry pack with unlimited shelf life. Level 1 parts classi? The caution label is not required if a bar code label includes the Level 1 classi? If the actual jerec life has exceeded 12 months, but less than 2 years, from the bag seal date and the humidity indicator card HIC see Clause 5. The dry-packing process de?

Component temperatures shall be measured at the top center of the package body. Also the actual bake time may be reduced if technically justi? The cards inside the chamber ipv be ip from outside the chamber. The bags should be j-sstdb. Marty Rodriguez, Jabil Circuit, Inc.

C If blank, see adjacent bar code label 3. The spots shall indicate the humidity with a signi? If more than three are required for any reason, the supplier should be ipf reference J-STD After bake, must be re? Users may reduce the actual bake time if technically justi?

The following conditions apply regardless of the storage time i. If any component on the board has exceeded its? If the calculated shelf life is greater than 12 months, item 1 of the caution label should be changed accordingly see Figure Other suggestions for document improvement: Most Related.


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