Note that your vehicle may not include all the. The tire pressure must be corrected to permanently eliminate the message. Place this booklet in your Owner Manual portfolio for easy reference. It is important to become familiar with them, as they alert you to various vehicle operating conditions. Power Lumbar Front Seats.

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Vudodal Do not let it get twisted. To make the lap part tight, pull down on the buckle end of the belt as you pull up on the shoulder belt. To tighten the belt, push down on the child restraint, the retractor to set the lock. Connect the yukpn with the tab pointing up see arrow. This could damage the headphones and repairs would not be covered by your warranty. Remove the two screws from the taillamp assembly.

Power Seats If your vehicle has a power seat, you can adjust it with these controls located on the outboard sides of the seats. Only vehicles that have the 5. General Motors encourages the use of E in vehicles that are designed to use it.

Power Seats Power Seats If your vehicle has a power seat, you can adjust it with these controls located on the outboard sides of the seats.

Care should be taken to dislodge as little dirt as possible. Drive at the same speed most of the other drivers are driving. Wheel Blocks Wing Nut E. This can cause the brake-traction control to activate constantly. This setting is ideal for use when road surface traction conditions are variable.

Plugging the cord into an kanual outlet could cause an electrical shock. When a CD is inserted, the CD symbol will appear on the display. This type of cleaning cassette will not eject on its own.

Keep this manual in the vehicle, so it will be there if it is needed while you are on the road. Doing Your Own Service Work If you want to do some of your own service work, you will want to use the oqners service manual. Securing a Child Restraint in a Center Rear Seat Position Second Row The center seat position in the second row has a lap-shoulder belt which works the same way as the safety belt in the rear outside seat positions.

The lap part of the belt should be worn low and snug on the hips, just touching the thighs. Page 46 The safety belt ownegs if there is a sudden stop or a crash. To signal a turn, move the lever all the way up or down. Chevrolet Tahoe and GMC Yukon Owners Manuals This value-added service is intended to provide you with peace of mind as you drive in the city or travel the open road. It also provides an indicator of how hard your vehicle is working.

Front Position Front Tire Oowners Tapes longer than that are so thin they may not work well in this player. We hope you will go to your dealer for all your service needs. Acquaint yourself with the feel of handling and braking with the added weight of the trailer. The person keeps going until stopped by something. Many adults — by some estimates, nearly half the adult population — choose never to drink alcohol, so they never drive after drinking. Insert a tool into the push-pin slot and pull downward until the push-pin snaps loose.

Removing The Bench Seat 6. To tighten the belt, push down on manyal child restraint, pull the shoulder portion of the belt to tighten the lap portion of the belt and feed the shoulder belt back into the retractor. Both will provide easier cold starting and better protection for your engine at extremely low temperatures. Wheel Blocks and Wing Nut E. By this time, the coolant level inside the coolant surge tank may be lower. To reinstall the lower air dam do the following: Brake linings should always be replaced as complete axle sets.

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