Las corrientes y tensiones se expresan en su valor eficaz. Esta ventana representa el comportamiento de campos lejanos y cercanos. El diagrama de campos de campos lejanos se representa por defecto en coordenadas polares. Para que el usuario pueda optimizar y evaluar funciones, el modelo debe tener al menos una variable para optimizar. Se hace de la siguiente forma: Una vez dentro de la vantana Main, en Settings, marcamos Geometry Edit.

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Obviously the more memory and CPU speed you have the faster the analysis will go and the more complex of an antenna that can be analyzed. Supported Operating Systems Basic functionality was tested on the following operating systems. About the Author Mark Schoonover has been licensed since when he got his Novice license on a wager with his dad.

Upon his return from Navy active duty in he got his Advanced license. Around he got his Extra. He enjoys homebrewing and contesting from his pip-squeak station in southern California. Professionally, he has a degree in Computer Science and Software Engineering. He switched from Electrical Engineering when the internet became publicly available.

Installation is straight forward and the default settings will be used throughout this book for all screen captures. The author is using Windows 8 64bit for this book. Screens in other operating systems may look slightly different but otherwise 4NEC2 will function identically. This book will cover version 5. There are several different files available to download. Simply right-click on 4nec2 setup. Double-click on the 4nec2 folder that was created, then double-click again on the Setup4nec2.

Watch the little green bar! Click Finish to continue. This completes the default 4NEC2 installation. Keep the Help File in mind as well. To access Help, at the point you want additional information, press the key. General antenna discussions can be found on the eHAM.

There is a Yahoo Group dedicated to this book. To subscribe send an email to:.


Simulación de Antenas

Zulkijas Once the geometry of the antenna is defined, number the wires, identifying also their diameter Dh i and their length Lh i. We will name Ns the number of segments making up a wire. This view enables detailed 3D analysis of antenna pattern, in the context of the antenna placement, for understanding peaks, nulls, and all aspects of complex far field propagation. Reviews Summary for 4NEC2 freeware antenna modeller and optimizer.



The original nec2c is a non-interactive command-line application that reads standard NEC2 input files and produces an output file with data requested by "commands" in the input file. In contrast xnec2c is a GUI interactive application that in its current form reads NEC2 input files but presents output data in graphical form, e. These results are only calculated and drawn on user demand via menu items or buttons, e. Printing of results to an output file has been removed starting from version 1. If printing to file is needed then it is better to use the original NEC2 program, to avoid bugs that may still be lurking in the C translation. Xnec2c now has a built-in editor for NEC2 input files which can be used to edit geometry or command "card" data.

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