Etihad hat die AAuslieferungen jedoch verschoben. In den Jahren , , , , und besuchte je eine A die Internationale Luft- und Raumfahrtausstellung Berlin. Oktober stattfinden konnte. Nachbestellungen der A Die Frachtversion AF sollte Anfang folgen. Dennoch wird diese Variante seit nicht mehr auf der Webseite des Konzerns beworben.

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The A is an iconic aircraft. Image: GCMaps 2. The carrier currently has two Airbus As which it operates between Tokyo and Honolulu. A third final A is set to join the fleet next year. All three will sport a turtle themed livery.

Image: GCMap 3. Based out of Seoul, the airline flies these aircraft to seven destinations. Image: GCMaps 4. From here, BA flies the aircraft to ten destinations. Image: GCMaps 5. From Beijing, the carrier operates the aircraft to just two destinations, Guangzhou and Los Angeles. Earlier this year, the airline took one of its As to Beijing Daxing Airport to help test the facilities. Image: GCMaps 6. While the carrier has started using its early As for spares, it is also the only carrier with more than one of the aircraft still on order.

The airline has As in its fleet and flies to over 50 destinations. Etihad Airways Etihad has three daily A services to London. Image: GCMaps 8. The aircraft used to work for Singapore Airlines, however, it now flies all over the world offering wet-lease and charter availability. Most recently, Norwegian Airlines has been using the aircraft. Hi Fly wants additional As to expand its offering.

When not flying around the world, the aircraft is based in Beja, Portugal. Image: GCMaps Lufthansa Lufthansa has a fleet of 14 Airbus A aircraft. These are spread across Frankfurt and Munich Airport. The schedule is due to change as the German flag carrier moves more aircraft to Munich, however, Lufthansa currently flies to 12 destinations from Frankfurt and six from Munich.

Lufthansa is one of a handful of airlines with two A bases. However, the airline will soon be sending its A to Sydney on a handful of dates in December. Qantas Qantas is the flag carrier of Australia. The airline has a fleet of 12 Airbus As which are based in Sydney and Melbourne.

The aircraft fly both east and west from both hubs, serving as far away as London. Photo: Qantas From Sydney, the Australian carrier heads to five destinations. Meanwhile, from Melbourne, the options are slightly more restricted. These routes are Dubai, Los Angeles, and Singapore.

Qantas also has two Airbus A hubs. From here the aircraft fly to a total of eight destinations. However, like Emirates, the airline has already begun to scrap some of its earlier aircraft. These aircraft fly to 13 different destinations from the airlines home airport in Singapore.

Singapore Airlines has a fairly developed A network. Thai Airways Thai Airways has a smaller A operation. The flag carrier of Thailand has a smaller Airbus A operation with six of the aircraft currently in use. These six aircraft are based in Bangkok where they fly to five destinations. However, as airline schedules continue to evolve, this could be subject to change.

Unfortunately, with some airlines already looking to retire the aircraft, and no new orders being accepted, the network is likely to shrink in the not too distant future. Have you flown on the Airbus A? Which route did you take and what did you think? Let us know in the comments! Airline fleet taken from Airbus order books as of 31st of August. Route data as per iflya


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