Mebei Are you looking for support or purchase information? You can configure your system redundantly without additional engineering effort. Want to confirm did you downloaded freelance software in demo mode first time on that computer? I need service or support ABB Service. No further external tools are needed for configuration. I searched the code on the page tells me ABB but I can not, as well as on the web either.

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The selection list of the redundant AC F only offers modules marked with an R at the end, e. FI FR. The R stands for redundancy-capable and simply means that the parameter dialog differs slightly from the non-redundancy-capable object. Insertion of the modules is only possible in the upper basic unit. The station must be allocated to a resource D-PS. This defines which software part of the user program runs on which process station. The AC F has 4 Mbytes memory. The memory is subdivided into differ- ent parts as listed below.

Not redundant As of version 6. Page Ac f Modules F power supply module for 24 V DC and redundant power supply, which meets stricter re- quirements for the availability of the power supply.

For further parameter information and object data, see Parameterization of AC F, page 20 and Diagnostic data for objects, page For each FieldController, it is possible to connect only one station bus CAN line with maximum 5 racks. The errors are saved bit-coded in the error code.

The following are A toggle is possible only in SYNC status. The FieldController is loaded with the operating system and is initialized. The redundancy is now no longer ac- tive. A cold start task -is per- formed once.

All lower-level program lists and programs start along with the task as long as the program list parameter has been set ON.


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ABB SB808F AC800F Battery for RAM buffering


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