However, the company most known for doing this, Reel Stream, is no longer operational. Technical specs[ edit ] Panasonic created a complete line of cameras that support recording in 24p , which is an analog of how film cameras record frames, for independent film production. These features give the recordings a film quality appearance. The original AG-DVX can shoot in a aspect ratio only, the "A" revision added a capability to shoot widescreen video, but it looked squeezed on the built-in monitor. The "B" revision introduced the ability to properly monitor aspect ratio.

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First off, Let me comment in this review that I am slightly bias to the Panasonic brand. Back then, only a select few families could afford pro-consumer equipment, and he acquired it through his military connections. This particular camera is not only an upgrade from the dvxa, but for me as well since I sold my dvxa to get this one. I can honestly say it is money well spent.

The menu is a bit more extensive and it gives you more options. If you are a control freak, this camera has a multitude of adjustments that you can make to fine tune your video recordings. I am just entering the scene in videography on a semiprofessional level, so I cannot go into great technical details of the dvxb. I can say that it shoots amazing, crystal clear video. To be honest, if you do not need to shoot in HD, but wanted a true professional cinematic video, I strongly recommend this particular model.

That was huge for me. Bottom line is if I decide to go the HD route, I planning on getting the hvxa, but beyond that, I am looking at getting at least one more dvxb. There should be a class like "Almost Pro" for this cam. Have been using it for a couple of months now. Total control of the image you get, full auto works very well also. Am surprised how light and balanced it feels for hand-held shooting. Best bang-for-buck standard definition camera you can get. Only two negatives so far. Really bad.

How often will you need that? Probably never. This camera has an excellent picture, XLR audio inputs, actual controls on the camera body, not buried in menu screens. It has a responsive manual zoom, variable zoom speed control, well-placed control knobs. It has a Leica lens! I use mine for legal video, depositions and field inspections; it goes anywhere. Anyone who uses it will tell you its better than the others by a long shot. Why pay the extra money only to have the ability to change lenses?

This camera should serve well for many years. This camera is the best standard definition on the market. The 24p mode is a very nice addition. It really all depends on what you were used to before you bought this camera. A very nice piece of equipment especially for serious hobbyists, indy filmmakers on a budget, and wedding videographers.

The internal mic is nothing special, but every serious videographer know that you rely on the xlr inputs, not the internal mic. The only thing I would prefer would be for it to be sdhc card cable instead of transfering video to editing consoles via firewire.

That said, the firewire transfer works great once you get used to its operation and this camera still reigns supreme.


Panasonic AG-DVX100



Panasonic AG-DVX100 Camcorder


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