Felabar Who gets another chance? Trying to find a port in stormy seas of life, she meets Aditya — a college friend and soon they are in a relationship. I was really intrigued by the synopsis and not having read a romantic novel since sometime, this looked ahmmed a good read. The second good thing about the book is the interest it generates in you. Abi rated it liked it May 06, chnce Did you meet the author in Hyd during your book launch?

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In fact instead of book or novel, Id like to use the word story. Its the story of a free spirited girl who passes through various ups, downs and downs in her life. And its the story of a boy who loves the girl. And the best thing about the book is that the author has been successful in drawing a very real picture of this relationship that exists between the two main characters of the story.

If and whatever negatives come in the book, are overcome Another Chance is a book about relationships. If and whatever negatives come in the book, are overcome only by this major success of the story. The second good thing about the book is the interest it generates in you. Once you have started and got into the book a bit, it just keeps you going. As for the negatives, there are a few. I could find printing and grammar errors in the book, and though very few, say not even ten in the entire book, they can break the flow of the book for a second.

Another thing that is good but seems a bit uncalled for in some places is the use of Hindi words in the dialog. Also, a sudden increase in the usage of urban dictionary in a few places looks like a try-too-hard by the author. Also, with all the ups and downs, the timeline is a bit difficult to follow, at least in absolute terms, but a positive thing there is that the relative order of things is simple to follow and you always know what is happening after what and before what, so no problems with the timeline really.

As for the characters, as I said earlier, the main characters of the book, Ruheen and Aditya are really well defined and people can easily identify with them. Overall, Another Chance is a good novel that talks of problems that most of us face in different shapes and sizes in our lives today, and in its own subtle manner, it also tries to provide you a solution, without preaching at all.

You may like it, or maybe love it too, the way I did. This book has come out pretty close on heels to his previous book. From the prologue itself you realise that this book can be right away made into a Bollywood flick. And that point is affirmed as one gets engrossed in the book. The story moves forward from where Love, Life and All that Jazz ended with the friends just out of college.

Love, relationships, care, anger — all the emotions have been moulded together to make an interesting impact. As they say the stories remain the same as you can use the different emotions or have a complex mixture of each of them. But what differentiates the best from the rest is the treatment the writer gives to the story.

Ahmed has effectively managed to build his characters and the entire story in a fantastic manner. The narrative is fast paced and you are always waiting to know what happens next, be it when Ruheen wants to run away from Rohan or whether Ruheen and Varun would get hitched. But personally speaking, I felt that it gave the story another push forward and a sense of direction.

He has moved beyond the typical girl meets guy story at college to relationships in real life. The complex web of relationships that he weaves would surely keep the writer engrossed till the end. Ruheen and Aditya are the main characters. But Ruheen with her combination of beauty and innocence stands shoulders above the rest.





Another Chance


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