The players may choose any starting configuration they prefer, so long as all of their friendly counters are in the two rows nearest to them. Each player commences with sixteen pieces of five varieties of one color. The types of pieces, from strongest to weakest, are: Each player starts with one. Each player starts with one.

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Add to Wishlist Install Invented only a decade ago, Arimaa is a strategic board game that is steadily cementing itself as a modern classic. Like Chess, Checkers, Go, and other games of its kind, Arimaa is easy to learn for beginners, yet provides endless depths to challenge even the most experienced players. Many strategies are still being discovered and there is a wide variation in playing styles between different players, making it an exciting and dynamic time to learn the game.

Unlike many other games in which computer AIs have long since surpassed human players, the positional nature of Arimaa gives humans the upper hand. For more details about the game or the prize, visit www. This app allows you to play Arimaa with a friend or against a computer opponent and includes an in-app rules explanation for new players.

The computer opponent is a version of the same bot that won the Arimaa Computer Championship. While significantly weaker on the hardware of a phone or tablet, the computer can still provide excellent practice for beginning and intermediate-level players, and has a difficulty level that can easily be adjusted.

Features: - Play Arimaa with 1 player against the computer or with 2 players. This app is provided in compliance with Section 2 of the Arimaa Public License. License Read more.


Arimaa/Playing The Game

These may be represented by the king, queen, rooks, bishops, knights, and pawns respectively when one plays using a chess set. Thus Gold wins by moving a gold rabbit to the eighth rank, and Silver wins by moving a silver rabbit to the first rank. However, because it is difficult to usher a rabbit to the goal line while the board is full of pieces, an intermediate objective is to capture opposing pieces by pushing or pulling them into the trap squares. Compared to goal, these are uncommon.



A piece which is adjacent to a stronger enemy piece is frozen, unless it is also adjacent to a friendly piece. While frozen, a piece may not be moved by its owner. The silver rabbit on a7 is frozen, but the one on d2 can move because it is next to another silver piece. Gold could unfreeze the b7 rabbit by moving the gold dog from a6 to a7, or by displacing the silver dog from b6. The dogs on a6 and b6 do not freeze each other, as they are of equal strength. A frozen piece can freeze another still weaker piece just as it would otherwise. The silver elephant on d5 freezes the gold horse on d6, which itself freezes the silver rabbit on e6.


Computer Arimaa

Arimaa Game Rules Object of the Game Be the first to get one of your rabbits to the other side of the board. Material Arimaa is designed so that it can easily be played using a standard chess set. To make the game easier to learn for someone who is not familiar with chess, the chess pieces are substituted with well known animals. The substitution is as follows: elephant for king, camel for queen, horse for rook, dog for bishop, cat for knight and rabbit for pawn.

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