I remember attending the first Axial West Coast Championship back in After seeing that beauty, I knew I was in for the long haul. With Axialfest, it is a festival devoted to maximum fun with maximum drive time for the Axial fan! Too simple to be true, right?

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The EXO does include wheels, tires and a clear body, but does not include electronics. Set-up Notes: We set up the chassis with negative 1 degree of camber front and rear. Ride height was set to bones level front and rear. We dialed in 1 degree of toe out on the front. We used a Futaba 4PL as the radio system. Speedo was a Castle Sidewinder version 2, motor was a Castle kv. The instructions are decent, but the illustrations were a bit dark, and some of the details were a bit on the small side.

The EXO is also one of those kits where you pretty much have every bag open by the third step. Because of that fact manufactures really should up their game with the way their kits go together. For example, all instructions should be top notch and step number one should only involve bag 1, step two should only involve bag two, etc.

Lastly, we did run into a couple of issues during our build. The first issue involved one of the metal steering rack pins, it did not come tapped.

The second issue was the included servo horn intended for Hitec, it did not fit properly. To rectify the problem I simply used one of the horns that came with the Hitec servo. The final issue was I stripped one of the shock caps during the build. Otherwise everything went together smoothly albeit slowly from digging through multiple bags looking for the correct parts. Turning: The EXO steering geometry has backwards Ackerman and it has a ton of bumpsteer, those are two things certainly not conducive to good corning.

The rear end has excellent side bite, so much so it rarely breaks loose. To boil it down, the EXO is a fabulous turner that makes you look and feel like Superman out on the track. Kudos to the Axial guys on how the EXO turns, if you ever wanted to see what a truly epic turning rc feels like, the EXO is a must buy. But on high bite short jump faces, the EXO had a tendency to endo.

Jumping the EXO off one of our short wood stunt ramps nearly always ended in a massive endo. I suspect the extra rear overhang for the roll-cage and the soft damping of the rear suspension were the culprits for causing the nose down attitude.

In a field full of large dirt clods the EXO easily pounded right through at speed. On track the EXO remained quite stable in the blown out sections. In a grassy backyard full of holes and chop the EXO remained very controllable at moderate to high speeds. At slower speeds the low slung EXO can not be traction rolled, but at higher speeds turning too fast will flip the EXO on its lid.

Tires: I liked them a lot. The stock tires not only look really trick but they worked much better than expected. On a bone dry Midwest off road dirt track they also gave decent traction, not as good as dedicated Pro-Line race tires, but quite admirable. Btw, the stock inserts are quite soft which is a plus on loose dirt, but less than optimal on pavement. The stock 32 pitch pinion looked small but yielded good power and top speed with this set-up.

There was enough power on tap to burn the tires off from a dead stop, more than enough to make all the jumps at the local track, even those only 8th scale buggys were making and temperatures were all quite reasonable. On the first run the motor mount slid, moving the pinion away from the spur bringing out buggy to a halt.

After reading a long warning about how over tightening the grub screw on the motor mount can cause issues, I followed some on line instructions on how to not over tighten it and that resulted in the motor mount sliding. Also… the rear dog bones like to pop out. I put a couple Associated shock o-rings in the rear diff out-drives and cured this issue.

We also had one of the bolts in the steering rack fall out. During assembly I noticed those bolts seemed a couple mm too short and sure enough one of them fell out after a half dozen runs.

Finally, the screws that run up through the chassis into the diffs keep loosening up. During the course of testing I started hucking the EXO off the second story roof of a house in an attempt to break it. This was pretty much a worst case scenario for that jump and nothing on the EXO broke, in fact it was able to drive away.

However, both the chassis and rear center driveshaft were slightly bent, still not bad for a worst case landing. Misc Notes: The tires and rims are different front and rear, be aware of this before you start gluing them up. The Axial team went to great lengths to ensure scale looks in the EXO, more so than any other off road kit on the market, kudos to them. You can polish the plastic surfaces and you can add grease to them, but the stock servo saver works very poorly, period.

The e-clips are not needed and are a PITA in the diffs. The diffs as well as the rest of the drivetrain are considerably lighter than typical 8th scale buggy units, so any plans you may have had of using an 8th scale power system you might want to re-evaluate. However, the lighter drivetrain allows the use of much more affordable 10th scale power systems. Pretty much any system is going to give you excellent yank in the EXO.

Grub screws seemed to be the answer to any engineering problem during the design of the EXO. I hate grub screws almost as much as I hate e-clips. The Axial motor mount is overly complex and does not work well.

The EXO comes with a complete bearing set, yes, there are bearings in the steering rack! Trust me on this one. Axial gives you a LOT of extra shock and diff oil with the kit saving you money down the road.

If you have big hands AND like to curse AND have a bad temper please lock all large hammers away before you attempt to pop a battery in. Seriously, installing a battery into the EXO is not easy.

Removing the upper lexan seat tray helps a LOT with battery installation and dramatically reduces cursing. The easiest way to install a battery is from the top, not from the side like you must when the seat tray is installed. The stock units come with excellent settings but they are cheaply made, a set of Pro-Line PowerStroke shocks are beefier, and are much more trick. As with all of our stuff, if you see us at a bash, stop by and check out the vehicles we have with us.

We may let you take a test drive, and at the very least get you some stickers! Workability — 7. Car Show Rating — 8. Big Squid Rating — 7. The Axial EXO has phenomenal turning and incredible scale looks but it may suffer from a few new model teething pains.


Axial EXO Terra Buggy Instruction Manual

The design concept was simple, if money were no object and we could build any full size rig we wanted, what would it be? Trophy trucks are awesome, Class-1 buggies are just as cool, but you only get to take along one friend. Then there is the sand and silt out in the desert, no one likes to get stuck, and 2WD Trophy Trucks and Class 1 rigs are always buried to the belly pan, so we need 4 wheel drive. The decision was made to marry the best of all worlds into one vehicle that can tackle even the harshest terrain in style with 3 of your closest friends. There are many components that have to work in harmony make the suspension work like a rock star! Threaded shock bodies, multiple shock positions front and rear, adjustments for toe, kick-up rear , camber, roll center and ackerman allow you to fine tune your suspension for high performance and high speed handling. The flexible rubber straps are connected to a hinge on one end and the other contains a pin that keys into a composite plastic latch that keeps your battery securely in place.


Axial EXO - 1/10th Scale Electric 4WD Terra Buggy - RTR - AX90024

The flexible rubber straps are connected to a hinge on one end and the other contains a pin that keys into a composite plastic latch that keeps your battery securely in place. The lower plastic end plates are adjustable which allow you to fit any battery pack, and in most cases, two batteries will fit standing on edge. The motor position is centered lengthwise and battery is positioned towards the center for balance and stability. Battery removal is easy. Remove two body clips to remove the side body panel and you gain access to the battery compartment. Then, simply push down and lift up on the two straps and your battery can then be removed. Easy as that!





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