Shelves: achs , nonfiction , writing This was my textbook for my English class at the American College of Healthcare Sciences. It was so helpful, and I am still referencing it, months after completing the course. This is a book that I will be keeping close at hand on my desk for future classes and writing. Allow me to break it down with my favorite parts and most helpful parts. The book is broken up into 5 weeks of writing a research paper, and is full of resources.

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A chapter on analytical writing introduces new approaches to interpreting not just literary texts but ads, images, and films. And a revised chapter on argumentative writing focuses on three types of arguments: causal, factual, and definitional. As always, The Curious Writer retains is distinctly personal voice, a quality that sets it apart from all other textbooks.

What are the elements of an effective scene? How can a story be narrated? It also encourages writers to practice the techniques they read about. Every selection includes prompts and exercises that inspire novice and experienced writers to put their knowledge to work in their own creative nonfiction. The book takes users on a day journey of journal exercises that inspire writers to explore themselves and play with fresh ways of seeing. Beyond Note Cards: Rethinking the Freshman Research Paper Why is the research paper such a troubling assignment for teachers and students?

For over a hundred years, instructors have been assigning the research paper, and since the beginning they have been complaining about the results. The book argues for a new approach, the research essay, a form that makes exploration and discovery the motive for research, re-aligning the assignment with the genuine purpose of academic inquiry.

While out of print, the book is still available from numerous online booksellers.


Theories of Intelligence by Bruce Ballenger in The Curious Researcher - Assignment Example



The Curious Researcher: A Guide to Writing Research Papers


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