This will also enable all your groups turn the quick keys on. Priority Scan Priority Scan If you activate a Priority Scan while scanning, the radio interrupts its scan every two seconds to check the priority channel P-Ch. You can also toggle these modes by pressing PRI in scan mode. You can also set the frequency band s where you want the scanner to look for transmissions.

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Kazradal Tone-Out Multi-Channel Monitoring The scanner can check multiple tone combination pages for channels whose settings are the same. Then, by using the Clone feature or by exchanging files that you each have transferred to a computer using the Uniden Advanced Scanner Director UASD software you can install the programmed data into your scanner. Once a system has been created, the system type cannot be changed. This mutes the alert action for about 3 minutes.

Programming System Settings Then, select the system type: Some Motorola and EDACS systems covering a very large geographic area use multiple antenna sites that each operate on different frequencies and use the same talkgroup Manial for traffic. You can also lock out this subfleet ID so you will not receive it. Enter the number tag Press. For Motorola systems you must program all system frequencies control and voice frequencies.

To select a menu item, rotate the scroll control clockwise or counterclockwise. Press to hold in Band Scope Mode. If you assign Block 0 as 14, you would not see another prompt because 14 uses all available blocks. To search for another weather channel turn the scroll control. To change the center frequency press.

All trunked systems need at least one site to enter trunking frequencies. Scroll to the next band and repeat. It might not correctly display frequency information for transmitters using a highly directional antenna such as an amateur radio beam antenna or if there are many transmitters operating at the same time in the same area. If you want to save the any of these frequencies permanently, you need to store them using Storing a Displayed Frequency when scanning this system.

Some keys provide one operation when briefly pressed manjal pressing and holding a key or knob gives a different result. To change the search step press. A will appear and flash in the display. This mode prevents accidental programming changes and prevents anyone from changing modes. To step through the frequencies turn the scroll control. The default setting is no quick key.

I have included links to other information in the Wiki not relevant to the operation of the scanner so you can still find the rest of the info such as specs, weather event codes, deciphering trunked systems, etc.

You can assign number tags to channels even if the system does not have a number tag but, without a system number tag, you can only navigate to these channels while holding or scanning in that system. Off — the scanner does not output any audio. All unlocked channels will be scanned at least once regardless of this setting. If you exceedand press Out of Range, Set Max? To select another Tone-Out turn the scroll control.

Off — the scanner ignores I-Calls. For example, the display to set the modulation looks like: Trunktracking is bvt15x for all IDs in a system same concept as searching for frequencies in a band. Then see Storing a Displayed Frequency. Repeater Find this feature sets whether the scanner tries to tune to a repeater output frequency when it detects a transmission on a repeater input frequency in Search and Close Call modes.

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