The company first started operating in as a subsidiary of Tri-Chem, spearheaded by Tri-Chem executive Richard Heath with his wife Jinger Heath leading its direct sales operations. The couple eventually bought off the company from Tri-Chem and was relaunched under their leadership in under a direct sales format. At present, BeautiControl is one of the most successful cosmetics companies in the direct sales industry and is now a subsidiary of the popular Tupperware Brands Corporation. The company has a sales force of over , independent consultants selling BeautiControl products to women in the aforementioned countries. BeautiControl Products BeautiControl offers three product lines: Spa treatments, personalized skin care products, and anti-aging products, all when put together fall under the acronym SPA. Throughout the years, BeautiControl has managed to acquire a large network of customers all over the world and continuously adapts to technological advancements in the area of skin care to provide innovative and effective beauty products.

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BeautiControl was on the top of that list. A company that cared deeply about their consultants, that was family oriented and family involved. A company with a solid foundation, reputation and product line that was just what the everyday woman would love, need and enjoy.

We truly care about you and your clients and strive to provide not only the very best products, but also the very best experience, and affordable, high-performance luxury for the everyday woman. I would be more than happy to send you information or samples and perhaps speak with your personally about becoming a Beauty Society Advisor and continuing an inspiring career in direct sales.

An inventory free business Inventory free business, no need to pay for huge stockpiles of inventory and you never need to ship anything yourself — Beauty Society ships directly to every customer. We cover all credit card transaction fees Zero credit card transaction fees for Advisors, unlike many other companies we do all we can to keep your cost of business down.

An online full-service business in minutes You will immediately have a full-service online business tracking suite, personalized shopping website and access to discounted Advisor pricing and shipping rates. Exceptional training and coaching, free of charge Our Beauty Advisors receive the best in professional coaching and training as part of the business.

No added fees. Be your own boss! Set your own schedule, work your business around family and other responsibilities. Opportunity to make full-time income with part-time hours. The Business Kit includes all the products, supplies and training to start making money right away.

Sell products backed by a Guarantee You will be proud to offer highly sought after anti-aging skincare products that are backed by a month money back guarantee and cosmetics with a day guarantee. Customer service you can rely on You can rely on a dedicated Corporate customer service team with real humans answering the phone during business hours never get stuck listening to a machine! If you still have some questions or not sure if Beauty Society is a right fit for you, we would love for you to speak with our Advisor Support Team to get all your questions and concerns addressed.

We know this is a big move, so no pressure.







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