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Page Freeze Freeze The image is frozen when Freeze is pressed. An icon in the lower right corner of the screen. To release the function, press Freeze, Source this will change the input source and release the pause function. Preset Mode Selection Press Preset to select a operation mode that suits your need. Functions available when receiving different signal types There are 10 different menu languages.

Refer to page The following example describes the adjustment of the keystone. Press 6 Menu on the projector or Menu on the remote control to turn the on- screen menu on.

Page Picture Menu 1. Refer to page Keystone mation. Preset Mode As above. Keystone As above. Brightness As above. Contrast Increases or decreases the color intensity of the image. Color Adjusts the color tones of the image. The higher the value, the more red- dish the image becomes. Page Pro-picture Menu 2. Auto Resize 1. Off There are two aspect ratio settings. Aspect Ratio 1. Page Setting Menu 3. The range is from 5 to seconds. Returns all settings to the factory preset values.

Enables the user to select which logo screen will appear during projector User Logo start-up. Three modes are available: Default BenQ logo , black screen or blue screen. Page 35 In cases like this, you should switch to High Altitude mode to solve these symptoms. However, this is not to state that this projector can operate under any and all harsh or extreme environments. Page Information Menu 5. Information Menu This menu shows you the current operating status of the projector.

Source Shows the native resolution of the input signal. Resolution Preset Mode Shows the selected mode in Displays the number of hours the lamp has been used.

Page Maintenance If you need to store the projector for an extended time, please follow the instructions below. Make sure the temperature and humidity of the storage area are within the recommended range for the projector.

Please refer to the Spec. Page Lamp Information The Lamp indicator light and Temperature warning light will light up if the lamp becomes too hot. Turn the power off and let the projector cool for 45 minutes.

If the Lamp or Temp indicator still lights up after turning the power back on, please contact your dealer. Page 39 Step 1. Turn the power off and disconnect the projector from the wall socket. Step 2. Turn the projector over. Then loosen the screws and remove the lamp cover. If the lamp is hot, avoid burns by waiting for 45 minutes until the lamp has cooled.


BenQ Value PB6210 Data Projector overview



BenQ PB6210 User Manual


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