I find myself often spending more time waiting for a screen to load than I do resolving the issue, documenting the incident, or logging the change request. Be the first to see new Itsm Remedy Configuration jobs. Complex product but lots of features. Of course with such customization, there are always risks of breaking existing workflow or failure during an upgrade.

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JoJosar Administer applications including software updates, remedand user administration So whether you need ITIL from the start or have custom ideas to develop, the Remedy platform can handle it all. Remedy features a solid set of ITSM functions. Easily customizable to meet company needs and business processes. The tool offers onsite and remote access so you could basically access it from any where with the advantage of access via smart devices. Indeed helps people get jobs: The tool is incredibly flexible which allows us to meet our particular business needs.

I have worked on Remedy ITSM and fuondation it robust and secure which can offer huge benefits to organisation investing in this solution either for their own use internally or when serving other clients. Action Request System Jobs. Suganthan Raj 2 10 Pedi 25 1 Performed Load testing of the system using Rational Performance Tester performance tool to identify system remed bottlenecks.

Jamir Maharjan 1 2. I love it Cons: It is a very good tool to manage incidents within your company, very useful when it comes to putting details in each affectation, even if you want to download the data already stored for a while and the details you want.

Depending on how these customizations were implemented, each one may have to be redone post upgrade. Provides complete lifecycle management of your IT assets, from rekedy to end-of-life. I want to see this product which is used for asset management system in software management.

The approval workflows are easy to set and update. Full-time Contract 22 Commission 1 Part-time 1. City, state, or zip code. Even their old software till now is pretty useful for my organization Cons: Used it for 3 years in our corporation now and it has been great for tracking change and incidents.

ITSM out of foundaion box or tailored, Remedy will get you there. However, the long standing issue with ITSM is how complicated it was remevy still is.

It was something I used at Walmart corporate office when I worked there. Way too many clicks Version 8 that we are upgrading to did not improve screens much and SRM Request Console is a disaster with the amount of Clicks required to scroll through Categories We have many.

Involved in the implementation of external processes to read the data from the Oracle tables of legacy systems, process the records and inserts or updates to the Remedy Schemas using C Remedy APIs. Involved in upgrading Remedy system from Ofundation 5.

You can change the permissions on the entire folder structure with this command run at toundation root of the install directory Note — this will change all permissions for all files in the current directory and every directory below, so use caution:. Not user friendly and too many hard stops. Phone number not contactable. Working in a team environment meeting and exceeding customer expectations.

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