Faemuro Among all these thousand of nerves, a single nerve passing with many and lot of obstructions to the human brain and exactly create obstacles for individual human to practice particular yoga. If properly researched, books of siththar throw high potential news about all matters. If you like to help me please drop valuable information to my mail avidatham gmail. Bogar Changes in palmleaf version during several centuries are possible when it is handed over down the generations.

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Having experienced I have composed The Tamil poets have had the added advantage of using a language medium, where the quality of sound and the impact of meaning seem to share a common ground as far as function are concerned. It deals mainly by using natural elements an eligible to make sophisticated science devices by transformation of one matter in to another matter through atoms.

Also some verses quoting aero dynamics. Some of the doctors from hereditary siddha medicines at palani and some at Madurai and srilanka hold the copy of bogar with their own families carrying hereditarily and they recovered only most of the medicinal part of the poems due to practicing only siddha medicines in tamil. This have a part of the poems indicating factual secret map of irresistible consciousness and refined technical manual on Kundalini Yoga never ever written anywhere in the universe.

These seven-thousand verses flow in distinguished rhyme, a complex echoing of sounds whose meanings convey a flux of images, filled with a simple wisdom; others mysterious, encoded in the secret language of the mystic.

Among all his works, Bhogar composed the eighty-two verses presented in this work for all people without any curses in all bogar verses. Any eligible person can read these poems for reference for medicine, herbs, alchemy and yogas. As usual like other sidhar works such as this were also encoded in the secret hidden words to preserve the tradition without revealing the inner mysteries to the uninitiated or unqualified persons.

Bhogar have grown from sidhar tantric roots so it has been exposed in all his medicines, herbs and yoga explanation. He always quoted a language of symbol, myth, and metaphor to speak of the transformation of subtle energy which leads to the transformation of consciousness passing over along the poems. Among all these thousand of nerves, a single nerve passing with many and lot of obstructions to the human brain and exactly create obstacles for individual human to practice particular yoga.

No one have permission to expose more than this here for public including myself. Mercury was viewed as the seminal seed of Shiva by all yogis. This particular type of rasamani, can use only in this material world who wants to increase life span with families. Cause the process of making mercury is artificial not from the raw natural rock. Also it describes some of siddhar passed urine on the metal and it turned immediately to gold also as reference.

If crypted its start creates obstacles in life to disclose the secrets as per my self experience accordingly. Posted by spiritual and siththargal at.



Written in Tamil, an ancient language still spoken in the south of India, these eighty verses deal specifically with the Yogic science of re-attuning the flow and distribution of subtle energy in the body. The flow and distribution of this energy is thought to directly affect consciousness in the most crucial of ways. It is the balance and flow of breath in the two nostrils which guides the energy through the body. Breath and the movement of subtle energy is said to directly affect how we think and feel. When we are relaxed and in a calm state of mind, our breathing is slow and even. Breath flows gently into our body and, on a purely physiological level, muscular tension is released with each exhalation.


Bogar 7000 3m Kaandam


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