Mull Fixed an issue dealing with mid-cycle terminal charts where the current chart was not available, and the application was only displaying the future effective chart. Otis Chandler and the Rise and Fall of the L. InJeppesen-designed arrival procedures are rolled out for Denver International Airport. Jeppesen Mobile FliteDeck 3.

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Malazshura November 21, This release corrects an issue with the enroute themes not showing as expected. The advantages are numerous such as the instantaneous identification of port entries or the identification of specific shoreline features. Mexick that you have the necessary time and bandwidth to complete the update before you begin the update procedure. Novedades Historial de actualizaciones Historial de actualizaciones 3. Timeline Archived at the Wayback Machine.

You are urged to spend mexioc time with the new framework before flying. An alert sash will display on the terminal chart if heppesen are viewing a chart that is not effective. Route planning with rubber-banding functionality. Compatibilidad Requiere iOS The company was founded inby Elrey Borge Jeppesena pilot working for Varney Air Lineswho was the first to make aeronautical charts for pilots to navigate in flight.

InJeppesen concludes sale of journey planning business to SilverRail Technologies. Se me borro toda la informacion y ademas el programa se cierra y no responde. The App crashes every time you try to open it. The expired chart will still caras available for viewing up to 24 hours after it is expired.

The refreshed design also includes a new location of the Present Position button which is now on the enroute map itself. A toolbar was added to the terminal charts view allowing you to rotate the viewed terminal chart by 90 degrees. Mmexico are supported in Night Mode. We have lots of plans for next year to improve upon the features and functionality of Jeppesen FD. Fixes and adjustments in support of iOS 8. This popularity extends to electronic charts, which are increasingly favored over paper charts by pilots and mariners as mobile computing devices, electronic flight bags, integrated electronic bridge systems and other display devices become more common and readily available.

InJeppesen-designed arrival procedures keppesen rolled out for Denver International Airport. Their state is maintained along with the rotation and highlighting information. Views Read Edit View history. We are headquartered in Englewood, Colorado and have offices located around the world. The jeppesn was dismissed in February, on a motion from the United States government, on the basis that proceeding with the case would reveal state secrets and endanger relations with other nations that had cooperated.

James Albaugh William M. The rotated chart will stay rotated through a force quit and restart. Jrppesen no longer need to switch first between the Terminal Charts View and the Enroute View before you interact with the information you need most. Bug fixes, flexible multi-vendor registration, performance improvements, customer requested enhancements. Printing capability for terminal charts.

If you are experiencing this behavior after waiting enough time to complete an update, force-quitting and restarting will jeppeesn it up. Under certain circumstances, Mobile FD 2. This includes the C-Map brand name and all products and services. InJeppesen purchased Nobeltec, Inc. PDFMay 16,retrieved May 18, As always, tapping the Present Position button re-centers the map over your aircraft position whenever you have panned away. Worldwide terrain and cultural data will be downloaded initially and when an update is available when checking for Updates.

We are also researching additional weather providers to help make our application a more robust system. This 3D representation is very useful when entering a port or an anchorage, providing another navigation tool to keep you aware of submerged dangers.

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Mikaktilar High definition satellite photographs are only available for certain areas. In the weather pop-up, there are selection buttons available allowing you to choose the types of weather you want to download. Between andJeppesen expanded globally by opening offices in Australia and China to serve customers in the Asia-Pacific region, and continued to expand through acquisition by purchasing TannGuide, which became the JeppGuide airport directory; APU, which became part of OpsData; and International Aviation Publishers, which created aviation maintenance training manuals; [8]. Condit Raymond Conner William M. Users can tap anywhere on the enroute map and elect to add that area as a waypoint, which makes route planning quick and simple for pilots. Now, there is only a small subset available in the initial download to support the DEMO mode. November 7, Jeppesen Mobile FliteDeck 2.




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