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Her killing was vendetta for her ordering Operation Bluestar, a military operation in June the same year to take control of the Harminder Sahib complex in Amritsar and remover Sikh leader Jarnail Singh Bhrindanwale and his armed followers from the sacred Golden Temple.

Bhrindanwale was accused of amassing weapons and ammunition in the complex to launch an armed uprising. The military offensive, backed by tanks, cannons and helicopters, left civilians and soldiers dead and wounded. The murder and mayhem, rapes of Sikh women and girls, arson and looting of shops owned by Sikhs continued for three days in Delhi from October 31, resulting in more than 3, deaths in the national capital.

In an undercover investigation, Cobrapost interviews eight officers of Delhi Police. While most of them candidly admit to their failure as a force, some of them confess that the top brass of the police force colluded with the Congress government of the day to teach Sikhs "a lesson".

Tandon, then police chief, conveniently parried all questions and Gautam Kaul, then additional commissioner of police, straightaway rejected the idea that he had any first-hand knowledge of rioting. Amrik Singh Bhullar, then the SHO of Patel Nagar — who the Cobrapost reporter also met — had named some local leaders in his affidavit, accusing them instigating and even leading the frenzied mobs.

As the interviews these officials had with Cobrapost Special Correspondent Asit Dixit reveal, the operational dysfunction was so obvious through the rank and file of Delhi Police that the Kusum Mittal Committee, formed upon the recommendation of Justice Ranganath Mishra Commission, had identified 72 police officers for their connivance in the riots and arson or gross negligence in discharging their duty.

Of these officers, the committee had sought the dismissal of However, such recommendations fell through for obvious reasons. Some of these revelations are not new as they have already found mention in the reports of various commissions that investigated the riots. The Cobrapost investigation attempts to fill some missing links.

One of the police officers who had the blood of innocent Sikhs on his hands is Shoorveer Singh Tyagi. The then Station House Officer of Kalyanpuri is alleged to have disarmed Sikhs and forced them out of a Gurudwara in Trilokpuri where they had taken shelter. After making them all vulnerable to the fury of the frenzied mobs baying for their blood, Tyagi did a disappearing act.

The mayhem and the murder that followed took a toll of lives. Indicting him severely for his "criminal misconduct", the Justice Dalip Kusum Mittal Committee called him a "living shame for any police organization". However, Tyagi was allowed to walk free by the trial court as the Union Home Ministry did not allow him to be chargesheeted.

Even after three decades, Tyagi has a vivid memory to recall what happened in those three days. Tandon, became a willing partner in this mayhem by abdicating his responsibility as upholder of law and order: "Toh jaane anjane mein wo government ke influence mein rahe hain ki unhone mismangage kiya shuru mein aur do din jab asal mein baat jab haath se nikal gayi So, knowingly or unknowingly, he was under the influence of the government.

He mismanaged in the beginning and in the first two days the situation went out of control. With this they gave an impression that the police is inactive When you create such an impression, then what the people will do Tandon was indicted by the Nanavati Commission, Tyagi is not satisfied.

He says all the top officials of Delhi Police should have been brought to justice but instead officers like him were made scapegoats: "Wahi keh raha hoon of course ye hai ki murga banane ke kiye easy target hai jo baat ho jaaye aur ban jaye That is what I am telling you.

Of course, they are easy target for making scapegoats. So, their purpose is well served. The government institutes them for pastime, to divert attention of people Recommending punitive action against him for dereliction of duty, the Kusum Mittal Committee said "he is hardly fit to head a police station".

Rohtash Singh retired from service in The Nanavati Commission also recommended action against them. Like Tyagi, Rohtas Singh also has some startling revelations to make. He sent messages to the Police Control Room but they were not recorded. Look at what he claims: "Agar wo record ho gayi hoti toh main kaafi kuch sabit kar sakta tha not even two per cent were recorded control room mein jo log book thi If those message had been recorded, I could have proved many things but not even two per cent were recorded in the log book of the Control Room.

Why should I make it even bigger by opening fire? Coming back to his messages, Rohtas Singh says that in such disturbing situations, the Police Control Room is bombarded by messages. He claims: "Toh wireless log book ke ki bata raha hoon He says you will not get any force. Make do with whatever force you have.

No wonder if the rioters took full advantage in those three days as they found the law and order machinery on their side. No wonder if Rohtas Singh and his other brothers in uniform were indicted by various commissions. Then the SHO of Patel Nagar makes many shocking revelations about the attitude of certain police officials who failed their duty, how several disparate cases of loot, arson and murder were clubbed together in one FIR, how multiple messages sent by him were ignored for reasons best known to the officials concerned and how rioting mobs were let loose on the streets.

What Bhullar claims is enough to throw you out of your wits: "Wo accused iss tareh the ki unhone apne ilake mein minimize crime ko karne ki koshish ki thi kaise Delhi Cantt mein aadmi mare toh unhone Rajendra Nagar dead body fenk di lake jungle mein Instead, they tried to suppress the cases. They knew there were huge riots in their areas, so they tried to minimize, even they picked up the dead bodies and dumped them in Sultan Puri, to save their jobs.

Recounts Bhullar: "Ek hi ek hi case darz kiya ab case toh kai ho gaye Karol Bagh fell under him. He was sitting in the control room and press reporters called him and told him of murders and arson taking place all around, asking him to go out there to intervene.

Says Bhullar: "Kuch ek aye unhone kaha ki kal ko hum action lenge Congressiyon ki hai inhi ki sarkar hai toh humein kahin Andman Nicobar na bhej diya jaye Some police officers came forward Jatav during the riots has been questionable, partisan, and inexcusable".

Yet no action was taken against Jatav. Citing lack of leadership in the police force, Bhullar gives the reason why action was not taken: "Political involvement ki wajeh se logon ne action nahi liya kayion ne SHO se hi wo lagwaye huye hote hain Due to political involvement, many officers did not take action and then there were SHOs who had been favoured for these postings. Says Bhullar: "Iske peeche toh political tha ki just to teach a lesson ki matlab inhone kyonki immediately pata lag gaya tha na ki ye Sikh toh guard hi the aur Sikhon ne aisa kiya hai toh teach them a lesson.

Congress power mein thi toh Congress ne kaha ki teach them a lesson There were political elements behind it who wanted to just teach a lesson. It was done by Sikhs, so teach them a lesson. Congress was in power, so the Congress gave a call to teach them a lesson. Bhaskar: "Ye jitni commission baithti hain ye political hoti hain inko jo government in power hoti hai wo face saving ke liye baithati hai and main nahi keh raha it is notorious fact ye saare media bhi aapko sab taraf chapa hua milega even jab Ranganath Mishra baitha tha toh roz akhbar wale chhapte the ki ye Congress ne baitha rakha hai ye ye unke netaon ko absolve kare All these commissions are political.

These are set up by the government in power for face saving. I am not saying this. It is [a] notorious fact. You will find it published everywhere in the media. Even when the Ranganath Mishra Commission was set up, the newspapers would say that this has been set up only to absolve its leaders.

It is as simple as that. However, Bhaskar is a changed man now as he has taken on the government, maybe a result of a sense of injustice and damage to his reputation. Condemning the shoddy approach of the authorities in the aftermath of the riots, Bhaskar says that instead of singling out one petty police officer here and one petty police officer there, heads of those at the top in the hierarchy should have rolled.

He does not shy away from naming the official. It is none other than S. Tandon, the Commissioner of Delhi Police. Look at what Bhaskar proclaims: "Itni badi dilli mein ek chhote se ilake mein se ek afsar nikal diya bali ka bakra bana ke Number two, the person who was police head his head should [have] rolled.

Tandon the wo baad mein uska bhi naam ata tha commission of inquiries se It was Mr. Later on his name also appeared in commission of inquiries. In fact, the whole of Delhi was engulfed in the riots. Instead, claims Bhaskar, they were told to not take any action against the mobs: "Wo bhi message hain inke sab ke wo toh hain aur yahan tak hain ki jo ye log Indira Gandhi ka rosh mana rahe hain aur jo ye India Gandhi zindabad ke naare laga rahe hain unko kuch na karein wo toh jo patthar maar raha tha wo Indira Gandhi zindabad keh ke hi toh mar raha tha aur kya kar raha tha There are such messages.

Nanavati, eye witnesses swore on affidavit that Gautam Kaul was there when Gurudwara Raqab Ganj on Pant Road, close to Parliament House, was attacked by a rioting mob but he did not act to disperse the mob.

He rather made good his escape. Kaul gives a chilling account of how a Sikh had been burnt to death on Pant Road when he went out to patrol the area around Teen Murti, of which he had been put in charge.

What he says is self-evident: "Maine socha ki main zara dekh loon itni khabrein sun raha hoon ho kya raha hai Delhi Police kahan kahna faili huyi hai main nikal gaya aur maine dekha bahar ye jo Pant Road hai uss road pe ek bechara Sikh tha uss pe logon ne tyre daal diya tha maar ke tyre daal diya tha uss pe toh wo jal raha tha ab wo itna jal chuka tha ki usko koi madad nahi mil sakti thi When I heard about what was happening, I thought I would go out for half-an-hour and see how Delhi Police was spread out He had been burned to the extent that it was of no use to help him.

Then, "wahan humko kariban 20 ladke mil gaye the wo jhuggi jhopadiyon ke the So, I thought it was not advisable to confront them as I was alone ," says Kaul. Guess what he did! He did a disappearing act. Yadav was absolved by a departmental inquiry. The Nanavati Commission too exonerated him. In his interview with the Cobrapost reporter, Yadav -- like other officers -- too cites lack of leadership and the force being ill-equipped among the reasons why Delhi Police could not contain the riots.

For instance, there was shortage of manpower and vehicles and there was no effective communication, so much so that even firefighters refused to take a call without security cover from the police.

Listen to what the Fire Department told Yadav when he called them up: "Maine dus message diye honge Fire Brigade ke wahan pe Fire Brigade bhijwaiye toh Fire Brigade wale kehte hain ki humein jo hai na humein mob jo ha na wo pakadke humein peetegi maaregi isliye humein security chahiye ab agar har ek usko security dein toh yahan toh pehle hi kami hai manpower ki toh insko kahan se dein toh Fire Brigade jo hai na kahin move hi nahi kar rahi thi I sent at least 10 messages to the Fire Brigade to go to a certain place but instead they asked for security telling us that the rioting mobs would bash them up.

So the Fire Brigade did not move. As a result, nobody came forward to provide leadership to the police force. In the words of Yadav, there were no clear cut instructions to curtail rioting: "Ab guidelines ya jaise wo nahi na clear cut jo hai na unhone koi iss tareh ki jo hai na ki bhai jaise wo leadership failure keh lijiye jo hai na hum jo hai ne agar force wo jaise senior officers ki meeting bula ke DCP ya unko bula ke aur kehte ki jo hai na DCP aake apne district mein kehte ki nahi bilkul chahe jo hai na lathi chalaiye goli chalane ki zaroorat hai toh goli chalaiye lekin jo hai riots nahi hone chahiye Call it leadership failure, there were no guidelines as such for the force to act on The DCPs in turn could have told the rank and file of their districts to resort to lathi charge and if need be open fire, but in no way should rioting take place.

They called it in after three days Their response was not that quick. Their role was to call in the Army as quickly as possible, call in extra force from wherever they could Few officers of his rank would get the kind of bashing from his own subordinates as does Tandon, who commanded Delhi Police when the capital city had been held to ransom by murderous mobs, going about unchecked in their killing spree for three days.


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