Edit The domains and the territories of the Circle Despite its relatively small numbers the scope of the Circle Orboros is far-reaching. In every corner of the wilds with the exception of regions such as the main island of Cryx where it is impossible for them to maintain a presence, sacred sites protected by the blackclads and their allies are present. While the order is largely focused on western Immoren, some members push the frontiers of their domains to explore new territories. Tentative efforts have been made to connect to ley lines beyond the Bloodstone Marches and to far-off lands like the southern continent of Zu, though these regions have yet to be fully integrated into the ley line network. The Northern Dominion includes all of Khador, with its vast mountains and forests, as well as the northern Ordic hills, the Rhulic Mountains, and the Howling Wastes. The allocation of territories forms the basis for the convoluted hierarchy of the Circle Orboros.

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Orders will ship once per month from our Liverpool location. All BAHI preorders will continue to ship for free internationally if they are ordered alone. Among the many powerful elemental tools built by the blackclads of the Circle Orboros, the Wells of Orboros are perhaps the most versatile and awe inspiring. Most of these floating edifices are ancient, having been built by former omnipotents at places of special convergence. They tap into the sprawling ley line network of Caen, and by that connection, each can facilitate the crossing of vast distances by forces of the Circle Orboros.

The energy that passes through them can be drawn upon to invoke seismic upheavals or to bolster and empower both wolds and druids in their vicinity. A well has no will of its own, but each responds instantly to the thoughts of blackclad leaders in a way that seems alive and purposeful. If your order qualifies for, and you select, free shipping Privateer Press will select an appropriate shipping carrier. We may add new shipping providers or change shipping providers as needed to assure you get your package.

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Well of Orboros

Warlocks[ edit ] Baldur the Stonecleaver Epic version: Baldur the Stonesoul - Cool old dude that is about the only level headed member of the circle and is more worried about what sneaky old everblight is up to then getting promoted. If he hits you, you die and turn into a tree. Uses a staff and has a spell list loaded down with movement shenanigans. Her Epic version comes with a wolf sidekick. Krueger the Stormwrath Epic version: Krueger the Stormlord - Mad old dude that looks like Fred Phelps a bit, he hates humanity and wants to bury them all under the sea or land or whichever is easier.


Circle Orboros


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