Copilaria lui a stat sub semnul unei mame autoritare, care il considera geniu. Respingerea manuscrisului a ceea ce avea sa fie romanul Conjuratia imbecililor ii provoaca o grava depresie. Isi gaseste refugiul in alcool si analgezice si renunta la Opinii editoriale 4 februarie , bookblog.

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I had no idea that little valve could be so pesky. I can only hope it stays open long enough for me to write this review. When a true genius appears, you can know him by this sign: that all the dunces are in a confederacy against him. Jonathan Swift Ignatius is trapped in the delusions of his own grandeur. Ignatius embraces the philosophy of Boethius, a Roman philosopher that was roughly walking the planet around AD.

Boethius woodcut attributed to Holbein the Younger In a short lived relationship with some black workers from a pants factory he discovered that they were striving for the wrong things. Of course, my exile is voluntary. However, it is apparent that many of the Negroes wish to become active members of the American middle class.

I can not imagine why. I must admit that this desire on their part leads me to question their value judgments. However, if they wish to join the bourgeoisie, it is really none of my business. They may seal their own doom. He is bombastically opinionated, gaseous, arrogant, and looks at the world through a Ignatius kaleidoscope that has little resemblance to real life.

For example after attempting to capture a stray cat on the street he is asked by his mother about some wounds on his hands.

Had it not been for my superior brawn, she would have sacked my wagon. Finally she limped away from the fray, her glad rags askew. Every experience in his life is elevated to epic proportions. Speaking of epic proportions. He is supported by his mother, with some supplementary income from his half-hearted attempts to find employment, and keep employment himself. He explains his failure to stay employed to his mother. They fear me. I suspect that they can see that I am forced to function in a century which I loathe.

The second time the joy was similar, but every reading experience of a book is different. This book is funny. I snorted out loud. I found myself shaking my head, smiling, giggling, widening my eyes at the audacity of one Ignatius J. John Kennedy Toole John Kennedy Toole had an unhappy life and took his own life, unfortunately, before Ignatius was ever realized by the reading public.

He had no idea that his character would become a descriptive term that even people who have never read the book will use in conversation, in some cases, without knowing the origin. The book is a bit fluffier than I remember, not a literary megalith, but certainly entertaining.


Conjuratia imbecililor

Viata i se schimba radical cind, in urma unor intimplari nefericite, aproape aruncat in strada, Ignatius se vede nevoit sa-si caute o slujba. Aventurile abia acum incep si Ignatius e prins intr-un cerc de personaje care de care mai ciudate: o stripteuza, o secretara septuagenara ce incearca in zadar sa se pensioneze, homosexualul Dorian Greene, sinistra domnisoara Lee, proprietara clubului Night of Joy, si Myrna Minkoff, fata pe care o iubeste pina la ura. Ignatius J. Nu am avut timp sa verific manual toate cartile si disponibilitatea lor in format pdf, de aceea va rog sa verificati voi, folosind motorul de cautare intern din siteul de mai sus. Linkul de mai sus duce catre siteul unde am gasit cartea Conjuratia imbecililor ed. Va rog, verificati voi, disponibilitatea ei in formatul pdf, ebook sau alt format pe care-l doriti. Nu mai amintesc partea legala, deoarece probabil stiti deja ca pirateria este ilegala.


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