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Terisar Jain Agamas — Wikipedia This agam describes the Sun, the planets and the associated mathematics regarding their motion. This agam describes the universe and the subtle description of all living beings souls of the universe.

This agam describes nonviolence, Jain metaphysics, and the refutation of aggam religious theories such as Kriyavada, Akriyavada, Ajnanavada, and Vinayavada. Ethics of Jainism Sallekhana. This agam explains which of the ten kinds of repentance Prayashchittas is appropriate for a particular wrongdoing done by monks and nuns. Fourteen Purvas The Prior Knowledge — considered totally lost.

This anuyoga consists of the following texts, which contain principles of observances, conduct, behavior, and like literature. Jain literature They renounced the world and became monks.

This is the oldest agam from a linguistic point of view. Some of the important works are Harivamshapurana of Jinasena c. They orally compiled the direct preaching of Lord Mahavir into twelve main texts sutras. It was extremely difficult for the Jain ascetics to survive during this time.

Both of these upangas, the Chandra Prajnapti and Surya Prajnapati, are very important in understanding the astrology of olden times. There are several other indication of the limits of ascetic life. It also describes and explains the conduct of good and bad monks. The scriptures which further enhance or decorate the meaning of Ang-agams are known as Chulika-sutras. These scriptures are known as Jain Agam or Agam Sutras. This agam describes the story of ten princes.

Also the religious books and scriptures were considered possessions suhras attachments for ascetics. Languages of Jain literature. Acharya Pushapdant and Bhutabali. Jain Agam Literature In the absence of authentic scriptures, Digambars follow two main texts, three commentaries on main texts, and four Anuyogs consisting of more than 20 texts as the basis for their religious philosophy and practices.

While some authors date the composition of Jain Agamas starting from the 6th century BCE, [6] noted Indologist Hermann Jacobi holds that the composition of the Jaina siddhanta would fall somewhere about the end of the 4th or the beginning of the 3rd century BC. It also provides a description of the moon, sun, planets, and stars. The Digambar Jain sect also believes that the remaining eleven Ang-agams were gradually lost. This page was last edited sutrras 16 Marchat The Agam Sutras show great reverence for all forms of life and strict codes of vegetarianism, asceticism, nonviolence, and opposition to war.

This agam explains how Lord Neminath convinced ten kings in the Vrashni region autras follow the Jain religion. This agam describes the story of ten bother princes. They concluded that after the famine, the entire Jain canonical literature Ang and Angbayha Agam Sutras became extinct. The subject matter described in the Chhed-sutras is for ascetics and not for lay people.

Commentary on Shatkhand-agam Vol 1 to 5. Only scattered chapters of this agam are now available. Uttaradhyayana Sutra This agam has the same place in Jain literature as the Dhammapada in Buddhism and the Geeta in the Hindu religion. The third part, Purvagata contained 14 purvas.

Jambudeepa is a big island located in the center of the middle world as explained in the Jain geography. This agam has the same place in Jain literature as the Dhammapada in Buddhism and the Geeta in the Hindu religion. This anuyoga consists of the following texts, which contain religious stories, art, literature, history, poetry, and like literature. Most 10 Related.



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