Comprar en ebook o papel: Paullina Simons - El jinete de bronce 7. Eso es lo que me ha sucedido con El jinete de bronce. Tatiana, la protagonista, es apenas una joven que empieza a despertar como mujer. A la vez que los estragos de la guerra se difunden: la pobreza, el hambre, la muerte…, Tatiana y Alexandr tratan de ocultar sus sentimientos para no herir a Dasha, mientras a su vez, luchan por sobrevivir a tanta barbarie. La historia de amor entre Alexandr y Tatiana es sencillamente preciosa, desgarradora por momentos, dulce, sensual y ante todo muy tierna.

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This is the most intense and epic love story EVER told!! Quite simply, there is no other series like this. The author has a truly uncanny gift for really making you FEEL everything that her characters are going through. Love that was all consuming, world-shattering, achingly deep, and EPIC!!! Honestly, I was an absolute wreck throughout my reading of it.

I literally stayed up reading till the sun came up and got up 4 hours later to finish it. Throughout the entire book, I felt as though I was being constantly injected with little bouts of adrenaline. It kept me riveted the entire time. This book ripped my heart out and put it back together over and over and over again. I cried a few times throughout the book And then I held out until the second last page and the waterworks started again.

The story basically follows Tatiana, a 17 year old Russian girl from Lenningrad, who on the day that WW2 started in their area, meets Alexander, a 22 year old soldier in the Red Army with a secret past that could be very dangerous for him and anyone around him if it got out. This leads to a lot of tension, obviously, and many stolen glances, and gestures, looks, fleeting touches, private names for each other and secret meetings.

Over the months they fall deeper and deeper in secret love. But eventually the war comes right to Lenningrad and they are forced to all fight for survival. This is book 1 of a trilogy. I have it on good authority that the last one ends with a HEA but its a long and bumpy road until then. He is one of those male character that just sears themself into your mind. I loved how Tatiana grew from a quiet young girl to a very strong woman throughout the book.

I just want to pluck the two of them out of this story, put them on a desert island with everything they could every want to live out their lives in perfect happiness. They literally have all possible odds stacked against them and yet still the push through.

This is truly a story about survival About how love can give you the will and the courage to survive anything. The book is long. My print copy was pages but I promise you, it does not feel long at all.

I read every single word often as slowly as I could. The story never dragged for me. If you want an EPIC love story with wonderful characters and beautiful writing, this is the book for you. They sound pretty much like you or I would. Also, the book does NOT go into any lengthy detail on historical events.

The focus is on the characters, NOT the events. The rest of the war, etc is pretty much glossed right over. You do learn some facts because obviously they live through the war, but its the background. Trust me, you will NOT regret reading it!

Trust me. Ask: what do you believe in? What do you hope for? But most important — ask: what do you love? And I believe in, and hope for, and love Alexander for life.


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