Dec 25, Taylor rated it really liked it Recommends it for: girls Dial L for Loser is a great book with real situations and real drama that teenage girls can connect with. There are eight other books in her series and she is writing one right now. There are a lot of different things Dial L for Loser is a great book with real situations and real drama that teenage girls can connect with. There are a lot of different things happening in the plot of this book. The girls go leaving Dylan and Kristen behind. They are fighting to get them all back in to OCD which they had previously been kicked out of.

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History[ edit ] The book-packaging subdivision of Alloy Online, which focuses on the teen market, conceived the stories for its novel series, and was arrested by being the one to edit the novels they produced. She said of this proposal, "Always being a closeted wannabe author - I jumped at the opportunity.

I loved the idea. She has glossy brown hair and amber eyes. She is bossy and stuck-up, and her greatest desire is to be better than most people, but there is a sweeter side to her. Her family is rich because her dad is a successful businessman, so Massie gets everything she wants, though the Block family becomes temporarily bankrupt when her dad loses his job. She loves shopping, and has a large number of designer clothes and credit cards. Although she acts like she has no flaws, she has an insecure side that she usually only reveals to her black Pug , Bean, and sometimes her friends, mostly Claire.

Alicia Rivera is described as the most beautiful girl at OCD, with dark, glossy hair, big brown eyes, and a huge chest, which she is infamously known for. She loves gossiping, and she eventually becomes the morning announcer at OCD. She also loves to dance, and takes lessons at Body Alive Dance Studio. She loves all things Ralph Lauren.

She lives in a fancy mansion with her ex-model mother Nadia, and her famous lawyer dad, Len. Alicia has always wanted to be a leader like Massie, but she can never quite pull it off, which irritates her.

She had a major crush on Josh Hotz, a guy who has a Ralph Lauren obsession like she does. They date briefly, but Alicia dumps him when she realizes they wear the same size clothes.

Dylan has long, red hair and green eyes, and worries constantly about her weight, even though she is described to have a good body. She wears a size 6. Kristen Gregory is an all-star soccer player at school.

She is a bit of a tomboy but loves designer clothes. She tells Claire about the secret on an instant messaging service, thinking she was confessing to Massie. She eventually tells the others in the third book, "Revenge of the Wannabes". She is considered to be pretty with her long blond hair and blue eyes, although in "Invasion of the Boy-Snatchers" a disastrous hair appointment leaves her with a short pixie cut.

She enjoys playing word games and is very athletic. In the group they dress up as intelligent people in history, and Kristen chooses to be Cleopatra. In the end, Massie leaves telling Claire, "I heart you. Claire is described as having blonde hair with short bangs and wide blue eyes. She has trouble fitting in because of her sense of style or her personality. Claire is known to be down-to-earth and loyal. She is best friends with Sarah, Sari and Mandy, who are in Florida, but soon learns in her summer book that Sarah, Sari and Mandy secretly hate her, so she votes Massie to win the beauty pageant instead of them, preferring to be friends with Massie, Alicia, Dylan and Kristen, where she feels accepted and more herself.

Cameron "Cam" Fisher: Described as having messy black hair and mismatched eyes- one blue, one green- Cam originally appeared in the first novel as the boy who danced with Massie, though his name was not credited.

However, by the fourth novel he and Claire are officially dating. He is described as sweet and sensitive. In "Sealed with a Diss," he dumps Claire when she accuses him of being a cheater. He then dates Olivia Ryan, but is annoyed with her as she proves to be incredibly dumb and a bad mother to their Health assignment, a simulated baby named Kate, whom Claire is the stepmother of, and gets back with Claire.

They stay together for the rest of the series, even throughout the upgrade, something that Massie came up with where the Pretty Committee should dump their 8th grade boyfriends and "upgrade" by getting 9th grade boyfriends. Throughout the series, Cam is also known for giving bags of gummies to Claire, as sweet surprises.

Only Massie and Dylan see the sweeter side to him. He then dates Massie up until Sealed with a Diss, where he says he thinks she is too immature for him though Massie thinks the same of him. I Loathe You, he dates Dylan secretly. He and Alicia dated briefly, even throughout the boy fast up until the upgrade.

He and Alicia are finished after she begins to "semi-flirt" with Aidan, because she and Josh wear the same size clothes. He is described as having thick wavy black hair and brown eyes, and wearing a New York Yankees cap most of the time. He also has a Ralph Lauren obsession. He is described as being a major pervert. Alicia crushes on him in the third book but he gives her mixed signals.

It is not until it is revealed later in the book that he is not interested. He is described as having sea green eyes and messy brown wavy hair. He is in ninth grade at ADD, the local public school. She knows Marc Jacobs and is very close with her only son. She was the Kristen look-alike who Alicia recruited for her clique in the third book. She is described as having bad posture, blond hair that is always styled in either pigtails or braids, and light blue eyes. She lives in the Brickview Apartments like Kristen and due to many surgeries her mother has had, Kori is often teased about it.

Strawberry McAdams: She has a bad temper and gets her nickname from where she shops, and also for her magenta-dyed hair. Her real name is Coral. Olivia Ryan: Olivia is a dancer who is described as having sky blue eyes and buttery-blond waves.

She has an older brother Andy with a skating ramp, and an older sister. She briefly dates Cam Fisher. She and Chris Plovert also had a distant fling. Her dad is a surgeon and operates on her nose many times throughout the series. Skye Hamilton: An eighth-grade alpha who offers the secret room to whoever first finds the special key.

In the Kristen novella, she had a crush on Dune Baxter until she fell in a pool of Jell-O and got angry when he laughed at her. She then goes off to Alpha Academy.

She loves animals, mini things, glitter pens, dancing and boys. She is described as having white-blonde waves, Tiffany box-blue eyes and B-cups. She is the leader of a group called the DSL Daters they make super-fast connections with boys and in the early books, had a crush on Chris Abeley. Her parents own the Body Alive Dance Studio, so she gets free clothes.

Her mother is a retired ballet dancer named Natasha Flailenkoff from Russia, while her dad is an American named Geoffrey. She is famous for the little charms she attaches to arm-sleeves. She is one of the main characters in the spin-off series "Alphas", where she competes to become the number one Alpha.

He is described as being serious with a balding head. He is a successful businessman and also a major pushover when it comes to giving Massie what she wants. She makes many efforts to keep peace in the household. He is a major eavesdropper, and his excuse is that he has an "eavesdropping problem".

He is also an eavesdropper like Todd. She is described as having black hair and long bangs that cover her eyes. Heather: Best friends with Layne Abeley and Meena. She is described as being a major LBR who dresses oddly and likes to protest. Her style is very mixed and often mismatched. She has narrow green eyes and frizzy brown hair. She has many food obsessions and briefly dates Eli. Her brother is Chris Abeley. Massie liked him in the first book, "The Clique", but she then finds out he had a girlfriend, Fawn, who dumps him later on in the series, because of rumours that Chris was in love with his horse, Tricky, and he has a hard time getting over her.

She is described as being gorgeous with blonde hair and a tiny waist. She dumps him after hearing a vicious rumor that he is in love with his horse, Tricky. He dances with Claire at the Halloweenie party, but she leaves him when he starts acting embarrassing. She is replaced by Claire after having a fight with Abby Boyd after she steals two of her boyfriends; Gabor and Palmer. She has Pocahontas braids and brown eyes.

She and Claire share a love of Keds. She has a bad girl reputation. Her hair was wavy and dark, but then she cuts it short and dyes it blond for the movie. Meena: She loves to dress oddly and protest like Layne and Heather.

In the Alicia novella, she and Alicia have a terrible fight and become closer eventually. She has major D-cups and long, thick dark hair and hazel eyes. She is a reformed dork and only wanted Alicia to like her. They are, at first, very nice to Alicia in her novella. Then it is revealed they only used her for her clothes.

It is revealed he is the sexy Spanish pop star, and that he never goes out in public for fear of blowing his cover. Massie and Layne like him until it is revealed he has a crush on Kristen Gregory.


Dial L for Loser

History[ edit ] The book-packaging subdivision of Alloy Online, which focuses on the teen market, conceived the stories for its novel series, and was arrested by being the one to edit the novels they produced. She said of this proposal, "Always being a closeted wannabe author - I jumped at the opportunity. I loved the idea. She has glossy brown hair and amber eyes.


[PDF] Dial L for Loser Book (The Clique) Free Download (268 pages)

Summary Massie, Claire, and Alicia go to Los Angeles to audition for a part in an upcoming movie called "Dial L for Loser," but when Claire snags the lead part, Massie and Alicia are far from happy for her. They eventually make up, but is there something that will stand in the way of that? This results in the entire audience hearing the secret, including Abby and Hadley. This leaves the film one actress short and one empty spot for the coveted "loser" of the movie. Dylan, being the one to spread the gossip about Abby and Hadley, is excluded from this invitation.

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