Zulukus O dossief bikes are not amphibious, so we will need help from boats and planes to cross the oceans, depending on what we will find on the spot. He is always up for adventure and new challenges. A documentary and short length videos are to be made and broadcast on the Internet. Very happy to find a shower and toilets too! It is not easy! I mages are a perfect communication medium, a universal language.

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Saramar This budget is an rough projection, we are aware that the cost of life may differ from one country to another. So far so good: In order to provide the best multimedia content, we will take with us several 4K cameras, a laptop to edit the videos, stabilisation devices, and various microphones.

We will regularly communicate about our adventure so that you can all share our story. I t will be broadcast on both French and foreign television, and screened during various festivals. A trip around the world also means: Biking is good for health I t is a physical exercise like any other. Sometimes we will also stop in rest houses and inns.

To be continuedTuesday 17 FebruaryThe journey has begun! K evin has been holding a camera in his hand since he was He directed a documentary about a French ice-cream maker awarded Meilleur Ouvrier de France visiting Morocco and China. Friday 20 FebruaryHello Algeciras! Most of the time, he has been traveling by bike: Guillaume is the one with the map in his hand, finding a way to resolve any situation.

Biking is economical Considering our budget, the bikes are a huge expense but in the long term, we will save a lot of money. I n order to provide the best experience for our audienceall the Hey Bro media contents will be available in HD on a Google Drive server public or private depending on medias. The documentary will be screened in various festivals and during conferences we will attend when we return. Post on Feb views. Your brand will appear on our pictures, web videos, documentary, social networks and website.

You have contributed to the construction of 3 kindergartens where children are now already enjoying themselves. Bikes can be repaired quite easily. Bike has no engine but the legs of the cyclist.

I mages are a perfect communication medium, a universal language. He has always interested in sports, such as athletics and martial arts, which he practiced. He developed a taste for adventure, and learnt the values of mutual assistance and sharing. He also worked for the Dakar Rally and took part in the 4L Trophya humanitarian rally that only student can join with Renault 4 cars. Last but not least, you can help us to support other charity organisations from around the world.

We set off tomorrow!!! K evin is a cameraman and video editor. Students, in teams of two, drive across France and Spain in the legendary Renault 4L to reach Morocco.

Our goal is to shoot high quality images. The Marathon leg went really quite well. Des Airs De 4L Heres a small photo of the bivouac. Quick visit of the town. It is our bodies that will take us around the world. As a result of the efforts of everyone involved in this adventure, the Children of the Desert association, which organises the collection and distribution of the gifts delivered by the teams from all over Europe, announced the following: The Sherbet Road — Morocco, In this context, we will also use our time, energy and cinematography skills to work hand in hand with charity organisations met on the way.

Moreover, bike is accessible to anyone. O ur budget is calculated in accordance to personal experiences and many feedbacks sponsoging previous adventurers. We will share all our adventure through them. W e will bike our way cameras in hand. Tomorrow comes the marathon leg: Yes, we have to save money everywhere.

T he communication will be running throughout the adventureon social networks, our website, and online video platforms. Facebook — Hey Bro. It is easy to justify our means of transport for this trip. The lighter the better, but only if not lacking professional quality. Our super 4L easily dealt with the obstacles. Presentation — Hey Bro He is always up for adventure and new challenges.

We aim to share as much contents as we can. For students looking for adventure, the raid is a unique experience combining sporting challenge, charitable action and a complete change of scenery, where competitors surpass themselves and help each other out along the way.

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