Get a Free Quote Double girder overhead travelling crane applications With simple structure and fully remote control system, our double girder overhead travelling crane is easy to operate and maintain. It can be used in indoor and outdoor places, such as mining, iron and steel production, rail yards, shipping ports, warehouse, workshop, garage, etc. It is definitely a great tool for your efficiency improving and energy saving. To perfectly meet the demands of our customers, we design and produce double girder electric overhead travelling crane according to different applications, such as our garage overhead crane and warehouse overhead crane , etc. Email us and get a custom double girder bridge crane perfectly meet your applications. Double girder overhead crane design We have the professional overhead crane design team and support customized service.

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It typically comes in top running design that enables the crane users to lift and move loads through the overhead space of the facility easily and quickly. The EOT crane, as known as electric overhead travelling crane, has greater lifting capabilities than single girder EOT crane.

The rated load weight is in a range of 3 ton to ton so as to serve a variety of lifting needs. The overhead EOT crane can also be tailored for your special lifting requirements. Benefits of Double Girder EOT Crane By utilizing a double girder crane, you can maximize working efficiency and productivity as the overhead crane is able to lift and transport heavy loads within your facility quickly and easily.

The crane overhead provides excellent safety for lifting operations since it is installed in the overhead space of the facility.

Also, it can lift and move goods safely through obstacles so as to avoid any damage to the product. The heavy duty EOT crane will free the floor space and avoid obstructions on your facility floor. It has precision positioning so that it enables the operators to place loads virtually anywhere they desire. The overhead lifting equipment has long working life that it will bring about the maximum cost effectiveness for your business. Machine shop: to lift and move heavy machines and their parts in the workshop.

Steel warehouse: to move heavy goods within the storage areas. Foundry: to transport hot molten metal in the plant. Double Girder EOT Crane Design When it comes to continuous and heavy duty lifting work, a double girder top running crane will be the best solution. The double girder overhead travelling crane can be custom designed and built for your requirements.

In terms of materials to be handled, the overhead traveling crane can be fitted with hook, grab bucket , electromagnetic chuck, spreader and so on to deal with different types of materials. It can also be easily customized by adding one accessory below the hook, such as carrier beam, spreader beam, tong and sheet lifter. Other double girder EOT crane parts and components can be customized or taken special treatments so as to serve your individual lifting applications, such as foundry, scrap yard, chemical plant and fertilizer plant.

Specially Designed Overhead Travelling Crane EOT Crane Working Mechanism The working mechanism of double girder EOT crane consists of three main parts that fulfill your heavy lifting requirements: hoisting mechanism, trolley travelling mechanism and crane travelling mechanism.

Incorporating the uses of these mechanisms, the industrial EOT crane will be able to lift and move loads in three dimensions. The hoisting mechanism is the unit for lifting large objects vertically. It is usually mounted to a trolley. To meet your heavy duty lifting application, the electric hoist is more often employed. Trolley travelling mechanism runs horizontally along two bridge girders so that the goods can be moved in a direction that is vertical to the crane runway. Crane travelling mechanism is the unit driving the entire crane to move horizontally along runway beam.

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Double Girder Overhead Crane

The lifting mechanism uses series resistance speed regulation system, its braking is smooth with small impact and the hook positioning is accurate, which greatly improves the working efficiency and extends the service life of all the parts of the mechanism. Traveling mechanism is the power device used to drive the crane trolley. Girder frame is the main force component of the crane, it adopts double beam double track configuration, the main beams and end beams are the main force components, and it also consists of crane trolley track, walkways, railings, ladder and other auxiliary metal structures. Double girder EOT crane has larger lifting capacity and higher hook height compared with single girder crane , because double girder can bear heavier load than single girder, and the double girder crane trolley travels on top of the main beams; however the single crane hoist travels along its track under its main beam. In ordinary factory, plant, warehouse, machining process workshop etc, common double girder cranes are used to meet the working needs; in special working occasions, such as foundry plant, metallurgy plant and working environment with explosive gas or dust, foundry crane , metallurgical crane and explosion proof crane should be selected to meet the special requirements; for some workshops needing accurate positioning and assembly, European EOT crane is recommended because it has the following characteristics: it has light dead weight, small wheel pressure, small dimension limits, reliable performance and easy operation; it reduces factory investment in early stage; it works reliably and high efficiently; it needs easy and less maintenance.


Double Girder EOT Crane


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