Shelves: recovery My Al-Anon sponsorship group has a monthly book study and we read this book in I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I was fascinated by the early history of AA, the people involved, the decisions they made, and the evolution of the group s. This book contains personal anecdotes, photos, and colorful memories of the people at the very beginning of the formation of Alcoholics Anonymous. It brought home for me what I consider no less than a miraculous achievement for the founders, Bill W. My Al-Anon sponsorship group has a monthly book study and we read this book in

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Johnsbury, Vermont , where he was raised, to Susan A. Holbrook and Walter Perrin Smith. Education, marriage, work, and alcoholism[ edit ] Smith began drinking at university, attending Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire.

Early on he noticed that he could recover from drinking bouts quicker and easier than his classmates and that he never had headaches, which caused him to believe he was an alcoholic from the time he began drinking. Smith was a member of Kappa Kappa Kappa fraternity at Dartmouth. After graduation in , he worked for three years selling hardware in Boston, Chicago, and Montreal and continued drinking heavily.

He then returned to school to study medicine at the University of Michigan. By this time drinking had begun to affect him to the point where he began missing classes. His drinking caused him to leave school, but he returned and passed his examinations for his sophomore year. He transferred to Rush Medical College , but his alcoholism worsened to the point that his father was summoned to try to halt his downward trajectory.

But his drinking increased and after a dismal showing during final examinations, the university required that he remain for two extra quarters and remain sober during that time as a condition of graduating.

He married Anne Robinson Ripley on January 25, , and opened up his own office in Akron, Ohio , specializing in colorectal surgery and returned to heavy drinking. Recognizing his problem, he checked himself into more than a dozen hospitals and sanitariums in an effort to stop his drinking.

He was encouraged by the passage of Prohibition in , but soon discovered that the exemption for medicinal alcohol, and bootleggers , could supply more than enough to continue his excessive drinking.

For the next two years she and Dr. Smith attended local meetings of the group in an effort to solve his alcoholism, but recovery eluded him until he met Bill Wilson on May 12, Wilson was an alcoholic who had learned how to stay sober, thus far only for some limited amounts of time, through the Oxford Group in New York, and was close to discovering long term sobriety by helping other alcoholics.

Wilson was in Akron on business that had proven unsuccessful and he was in fear of relapsing. Recognizing the danger, he made inquiries about any local alcoholics he could talk to and was referred to Smith by Henrietta Seiberling, one of the leaders of the Akron Oxford Group.

After talking to Wilson, Smith stopped drinking and invited Wilson to stay at his home. He relapsed almost a month later while attending a professional convention in Atlantic City.

Returning to Akron on June 9, he was given a few drinks by Wilson to avoid delirium tremens. He drank one beer the next morning to settle his nerves so he could perform an operation, which proved to be the last alcoholic drink he would ever have. The date, June 10, , is celebrated as the anniversary of the founding of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Final years[ edit ] Smith was called the "Prince of Twelfth Steppers" by Wilson because he helped more than alcoholics before his death.

He was able to stay sober from June 10, , until his death in from colon cancer.


Dr. Bob & The Good Oldtimers



Dr. Bob And The Good Old Timers



Dr. Bob and the good oldtimers



Dr. Bob and the Good Old Timers


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