Arte, cultura, letteratura Il termine Edda in norreno Edda, al plurale Eddur si riferisce ai due testi in norreno: Edda in prosa e Edda poetica. Entrambi scritti in Islanda durante il XIII secolo; i due libri sono la maggiore fonte di informazioni sulla mitologia norrena. Narra della creazione e della distruzione del mondo; protagonisti sono gli dei e gli eroi della mitologia germanica: Odino, Thor, Freya, Brunilde, Sigurdur. I carmi sono scritti con linguaggio sacrale e altisonante, come si conviene a storie di argomento divino, tranne alcuni che, invece, si rivelano ironici e irriverenti. Edda Silloge detta anche E.

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Etymology[ edit ] The etymology of "Edda" remains uncertain; there are many hypotheses, but little agreement. Some argue that the word derives from the name of Oddi , a town in the south of Iceland where Snorri was raised. Edda could therefore mean "book of Oddi. Faulkes in his English translation of the Prose Edda commented that this is "unlikely, both in terms of linguistics and history " [4] since Snorri was no longer living at Oddi when he composed his work. That is, with the same meaning, the name of a character in the Rigsthula and other medieval texts.

It relies on the fact that the word "kredda" meaning "belief" is certified and comes from the Latin "credo", "I believe. Edda in this case could be translated as "Poetic Art". This is the meaning that the word was then given in the Middle Ages. Manuscripts[ edit ] The likely stemma of Snorra Edda, considering only the main source of each manuscript. No one manuscript is complete, and each has variations. It is preserved in the library of the University of Uppsala Sweden.

This is why it is the basis for editions and translations of the Edda. Its name is derived from its conservation in the Royal Library of Denmark for several centuries.

Codex Wormianus AM fol was written in the mid-fourteenth century. Codex Trajectinus MSS was written c. It is preserved in the library of the University of Utrecht Netherlands. Although some scholars have doubted whether a sound stemma of the manuscripts can be created, due to the possibility of scribes drawing on multiple exemplars or from memory, recent work has found that the main sources of each manuscript can be fairly readily ascertained.

Snorri Sturluson compiled it in the way that it is arranged here.


Edda poetica

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