Recente Freddy Dezembro 24, The teppan chef went the extra mile drawing this for us. We ordered the one with salmon with shrimp, squid and the other with beef. Wenddy Maio 25, Esteve aqui mais de 10 vezes! Celia Caballero Outubro 13, Pide mesa en plancha, tienes malabares del chef con los utensilios e ingredientes del plato que elegiste.

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From walking in at 6pm at getting seated right away to the attentive service through out our meal, could not have asked for a better experience. Everything was so fresh and of good quality. We will definitely be making this one of our favorite places for sashimi. Stopped in for dinner after work. As mentioned, it has more a fast food feel to it since you order at the register and they bring it out to you. The sushi and appetizer was ok and reasonably priced.

They also have beers and sake. Sake took a long time to come out. Other than that, I enjoyed my meal. Fun, hip, tasty and simple, Edo is exactly what one should expect of a fast food sushi restaurant. The service is kind and professional, sushi quality is good, and the price is fair! Nice job all around and my kids love it. We ate here for lunch today. We ordered a spicy tuna roll and it was tuna from a can. Never in my life have I been served this in a sushi restaurant.

It also came with a slice of chicken in it! Now Edo has expanded its interior and has a sushi bar and tables! There are a lot more seats and they still do take out! Their prices are amazing and they make such fine quality sushi! They only use the best ingredients and you can tell when you take a bite!! So impressed with Edo! Great, fresh sushi made as you order.

The place is very clean and decoration is superb with a touch of Asian style. Customer services is excellent with a friendly smile. If you need fresh sushi on the go, this is a place that you want to stop by.

Give it a try and experience it for yourselves. The location is very convenience which is located right on the Main Street. Over-priced cheap quality sushi. They were a bit stingy with the roe on the inside out sushi and overly generous with the rice to make up for the skimpy slices For my money, I go to Ya Ya Sushi rather than here.

Great place to grab lunch and enjoy a little time to chat with friends. Sushi is also fresh and taste! Parking deck close by to you will only be a short walk to this location. Also they have order as carry out or dine in.





Los mejores makis - Edo Sushi Bar


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