Moogunris And the lessons learned were poignant and spot-on for what girls that age struggle with some of which are things that girls of all ages—even those of us who are well beyond the middle grades—struggle with. Try the Kindle edition and experience these great reading features: I will recomend this book to girls in my ymracle. I could feel my smile go rubbery. Horrible Harry Says Goodbye. Sold by Emmy Young and ships from Amazon Fulfillment. Another fabulous and entertaining book in this series.

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Wednesday, April 25, Novel Revision Permalink Summary of changes: Build on strengths of voice, rhythm, dialogue More on Writing a Novel With the first Dutton editor, Myracle cut two chapters, added two chapters, strengthened sibling relationships, fleshed out a couple characters, and adjusted the main characters attitudes. When Julie Strauss-Gabel took over the project, they worked to define the emotional argument, strengthen the emotional arc, demonstrate shifting friendships earlier, write a stronger new chapter, omit a chapter, move events around, and strengthen the time line.

The sequel, Twelve was released March, Myracle is also the author of L8r, G8r , and other Internet Girls novels Though Strauss-Gabel came to the project late the editor who acquired the manuscript and worked on early revisions had moved to another publishing house , she acknowledged that Eleven would certainly have caught her eye from the start. Winnie was flamboyant and had a great sense of self.

The shifting friendships, so typical of eleven year olds, also had to be demonstrated earlier and stronger. The revisions involved a new chapter, omitting another chapter, moving other events around, and strengthening the time line to better hold together the episodic nature of the story. Myracle responded to the ongoing revisions process with interest and enthusiasm.

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Lauren Myracle Quotes

One Word Summary: Charming This is an entirely wholesome and heartfelt book that perfectly captures the joy, awkwardness, delight and heartbreak and for adult readers, the nostalgia of fifth grade. Lauren Myracle has a powerful way of fully immersing herself in Winnies world. As the primary theme, the pain and loss of growing apart from your best friend is fully and honestly explored, and the book is a Reviewed by Rusty Key Writer: Becca Worthington Recommended for: Girls age 10 and up. As the primary theme, the pain and loss of growing apart from your best friend is fully and honestly explored, and the book is a remarkably sensitive portrayal of pre-pubescent growth and change. Winnie is an entertaining protagonist, and it is a pleasure to be inside of her head for incredibly well-written pages.


The Winnie Years


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