He grew up on the southwest side of Chicago. He was president of the graduating class of at the University of Pennsylvania , where he received a bachelor of science degree in economics at the Wharton School of Finance and Commerce. I got very upset. From then on, Rifkin quickly became an active member of the peace movement.

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An understanding of entropy could help in that identification and this book can help provide that understanding. It is an appropriate successor to. He penetrates to the heart of the energy equation in human history. Wertime, Historian of Energy, Materials and Civilization, Smithsonian Institution "This is an important book of truly cosmic dimensions, for which Rifkin deserves the highest accolades.

Epstein, author of The Politics of Cancer "Jeremy Rifkin has done it again: producing a book that forces people to rethink at once their own lives and the entire social system that surrounds them. He is, once again, methodical, courageous, and persuasive. It has compelled me to re-evaluate much of the safe and comfortable thinking which governs our day to day lives. This is an inspiring work. Rifkin and Howard have written the epitaph of economics.

This brilliant work will strike terror into the heart of every economist. It is a major re-conceptualization which will help shape the public debate of the s. This newly formulated world view should create the same kind of heated controversy and the same kind of reluctant but inexorable acceptance as the revolutionary concepts advanced by Copernicus and Darwin.

Miles, Jr. I do believe the book should be widely read and taken to heart. Rifkin cuts away the underbrush of myths to expose the root of our present disorder. This is public philosophy at its best at a time when it is needed most. If we fail to understand it we will not correctly understand the problems of energy supply, pollution, inflation or unemployment. Harman, Associate Director, Center for the Study of Social Policy, Stanford Research Institute "A well-written, logical assault on the conventional view that, given time and knowledge, everything will work out … As we re-industrialize the US to meet new energy realities, our policy should determine which industries are inevitably running down and which can grow.


Entropy: A New World View

The authors argue that humanity is wasting resources at an increasing rate, which if unchecked will lead to the destruction of civilization, which has happened before on a smaller scale to past societies. The book promotes the use of sustainable energy sources and slow resource consumption as the solution to delay or forestall death by entropy. However, a more modern based on information theory treats entropy as uncertainty. The later approach explains how in some cases entropy increases order. In fact, order spontaneously increases in the world all the time in evolution and also in an economy that is constantly improved. Such critiques are addressed by properly defining the system under consideration. While biological systems may give the appearance of self-assembling contrary to the Second Law, this illusion disappears when one considers the environment-organism system.


Jeremy Rifkin


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