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Biblical, logical, and simple yet deep. It explains several aspects of salvation: predestination, free will, original sin, assurance of salvation. Notes follow. Predestination and the Sovereignty of God "It is not freedom that is canceled out by sovereignty; it is autonomy that cannot coexist with sovereignty.

Autonomy implies absolute freedom. We are free, but there are limits to our freedom. The ultimate limit is the sovereignty of God. I am free. God is more free than I am. Predestination and Free Will Every choice is both free and self-determined, because we choose according to our strongest inclination at the moment.

Jonathan Edwards said we have a natural ability mind and will to choose what we desire. But fallen man has lost the moral ability to make choices pleasing to God because he has lost the ability to choose Christ Gen Augustine said fallen man, before rebirth, has free will but not liberty; he can choose what he wants, but his desires are not at liberty due to original sin. Infants are innocent of committing specific acts of sin but are guilty of original sin.

In John , Jesus is saying the ability to come to Him is a gift from God. Man alone lacks the ability. God must do something first. In John , Greek word for "draw" means "to compel" used in James , Acts John , 5 say that a person must be born again to see the Kingdom. Before a person can choose Christ, their heart must be changed. The flesh profits nothing John See also Rom Spiritual Death and Spiritual Life: Rebirth and Faith Human Corruption Total Depravity Total depravity means our whole humanity is fallen will, heart, mind, body ; sin touches the root of our lives.

Rom , 18; Luke ; Eph Regeneration is monergistic; only God does the work. Faith is not monergistic; we believe.

It is irresistible in the sense that it achieves its purpose. Is Predestination Double? God actively intervenes in the lives of the elect to ensure their salvation. He does not create unbelief in their hearts. That unbelief is already there. He does not coerce them to sin. They sin by their own choices. He removes the restraints, increasing their freedom, which they use to sin more.

Rom 9 is clearest expression of double predestination. God elects to salvation. Salvation is complete work of redemption. Salvation does have conditions, including faith justification is by faith.

God ensures the conditions necessary for salvation are met. God elects according to His pleasure Eph Phil refers to sanctification growing in grace , not election. Paul was sure of his election; he frequently uses "we" when speaking of elect.

Assurance comes from: trust in God; inward evidence of faith true love for Christ ; outward evidence sanctified behavior ; witness of Holy Spirit Rom , who testifies primarily through His Word. Assurance can be temporarily diminished, as David after adultery and Peter after denying Christ.

God makes saints in Heaven incapable of sin, yet they are still free. True Christians can fall seriously and radically, but not totally and finally. The author is likely using an ad hominem argument. Why does the Bible warn against falling away? It reminds us of our duty to persevere. Of ourselves, we could fall away. Matt ; John ; John ; John


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