Abstract This paper describes two digital implementations of a new mathematical transform, namely, the second generation curvelet transform [12, 10] in two and three dimensions. The first digital transformation is based on unequally-spaced fast Fourier transforms USFFT while the second is based on the wrapping of specially selected Fourier samples. The two implementations essentially differ by the choice of spatial grid used to translate curvelets at each scale and angle. Both digital transformations return a table of digital curvelet coefficients indexed by a scale parameter, an orientation parameter, and a spatial location parameter.

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The first digital transformation is based on unequally spaced fast Fourier transforms, while the second is based on the wrapping of specially selected Fourier samples. The two implementations essentially differ by the choice of spatial grid used to translate curvelets at each scale and angle.

Both digital transformations return a table of digital curvelet coefficients indexed by a scale parameter, an orientation parameter, and a spatial location parameter.

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