Inserting the factor lcos 81 into Eq. The factor 1 is obtained as the ratio of Eq. What is the photon energy range corresponding to the UV radiation band? The following set of count readings was made in a gradient-free y-ray field, using a suitable detector for repetitive time periods of one minute: The flux density decreases with increasing distance from a point source of rays as the inverse square of the distance. The strength of the electric field sur- rounding a point electric charge does likewise.

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Because of a poor home environment, he ran away from home in to live with an aunt and uncle in Salem, Oregon. They had a daughter, Penny b. February 16, , but divorced in After the war, Herbert attended the University of Washington , where he met Beverly Ann Stuart at a creative writing class in They were the only students who had sold any work for publication; Herbert had sold two pulp adventure stories to magazines, the first to Esquire in , and Stuart had sold a story to Modern Romance magazine.

June 26, , Santa Rosa, California d. June 15, , San Rafael, California , a professional photographer and gay rights activist. Here they befriended the psychologists Ralph and Irene Slattery. The Slatterys introduced Herbert to the work of several thinkers who would influence his writing, including Freud , Jung , Jaspers and Heidegger ; they also familiarized Herbert with Zen Buddhism.

He returned to journalism and worked at the Seattle Star and the Oregon Statesman. In a interview, Herbert stated that he had been reading science fiction "about ten years" before he began writing in the genre, and he listed his favorite authors as H. Wells , Robert A. Heinlein , Poul Anderson and Jack Vance. During this time Herbert also worked as a speechwriter for Republican senator Guy Cordon.

Herbert began researching Dune in He was able to devote himself wholeheartedly to his writing career because his wife returned to work full-time as an advertising writer for department stores, becoming the breadwinner during the s. He later told Willis E. McNelly that the novel originated when he was supposed to do a magazine article on sand dunes in the Oregon Dunes near Florence, Oregon.

He became too involved and ended up with far more raw material than needed for an article. The article was never written, but instead planted the seed that led to Dune. Dune took six years of research and writing to complete and it was much longer than commercial science fiction of the time was supposed to be. Analog the renamed Astounding, still edited by John W. Campbell published it in two parts comprising eight installments, "Dune World" from December and "Prophet of Dune" in One editor prophetically wrote, "I might be making the mistake of the decade, but Dune was not an immediate bestseller.

However, the publication of Dune did open doors for him. He worked in Vietnam and Pakistan as a social and ecological consultant in In he was director-photographer of the television show The Tillers.

During the s and s, Herbert enjoyed considerable commercial success as an author. In , Beverly underwent an operation for cancer. She lived ten more years, but her health was adversely affected by the surgery. In , he met anthropologist James Funaro with whom he conceived the Contact Conference. They instead titled the song "To Tame a Land".

Despite high expectations, a big-budget production design and an A-list cast, the movie drew mostly poor reviews in the United States. However, despite a disappointing response in the US, the film was a critical and commercial success in Europe and Japan.

He died of a massive pulmonary embolism while recovering from surgery for pancreatic cancer on February 11, , in Madison , Wisconsin, age Criticism of government[ edit ] Herbert was a strong critic of the Soviet Union.

He was a distant relative of the controversial Republican senator Joseph McCarthy , whom he referred to as "Cousin Joe". It is not that power corrupts but that it is magnetic to the corruptible.

Such people have a tendency to become drunk on violence, a condition to which they are quickly addicted. The underlying thrust of his work was a fascination with the question of human survival and evolution. Herbert has attracted a sometimes fanatical fan base, many of whom have tried to read everything he wrote, fiction or non-fiction, and see Herbert as something of an authority on the subject matters of his books. Indeed, such was the devotion of some of his readers that Herbert was at times asked if he was founding a cult , [24] something he was very much against.

He explored the human tendency to slavishly follow charismatic leaders. He delved into both the flaws and potentials of bureaucracy and government. He stressed the need for humans to think both systematically and long-term. Frank Herbert was interested in the work of Thomas Szasz and the anti-psychiatry movement. Often, Herbert poses the question, "What is sane? How our instincts unconsciously influence our behavior and society. Dune considers the way humans and their institutions might change over time.

Frank Herbert was a great popularizer of scientific ideas; many of his fans credit Frank Herbert for introducing them to philosophy and psychology. Arthur C. Clarke is quoted as making a similar statement on the back cover of a paper edition of Dune. He lovingly included glossaries, quotes, documents, and histories, to bring his universe alive to his readers. No science fiction novel before it had so vividly realized life on another world.

His ideas were genuinely developed concepts, not merely decorative notions, but they were sometimes embodied in excessively complicated plots and articulated in prose which did not always match the level of thinking [



Autoreninfo A new, comprehensively updated follow-up to the acclaimed textbook by F. Attix Introduction to Radiological Physics and Radiation Dosimetry taking into account the substantial developments in dosimetry since its first edition. This monograph covers charged and uncharged particle interactions at a level consistent with the advanced use of the Monte Carlo method in dosimetry; radiation quantities, macroscopic behaviour and the characterization of radiation fields and beams are covered in detail. A number of chapters include addenda presenting derivations and discussions that offer new insight into established dosimetric principles and concepts.


Introduction to radiological physics and radiation dosimetry



Fundamentals of Ionizing Radiation Dosimetry


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Frank Herbert


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