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Kurt starts at the beginning: his own childhood growing up in Aberdeen, a northwest logging town in the USA. Kurt enjoyed playing the drums on his Bozo Bear drum kit and with his imaginary friend Boddah who eventually leaves him who helps Kurt explore the potential of his imagination.

Kurt reflects upon being a hyperactive child prescribed with Ritalin. The hatred Kurt felt would grow. Our narrator then moves the story forward to when he was a fourteen-year-old adolescent. Despite being on drugs, we see a young man who is a deft artist and talented amateur filmmaker.

He gets arrested for spraying graffiti protesting against homophobic attitudes. When detained in custody he draws pornography for his fellow inmate in exchange for cigarettes. Kurt then moves onto the music. He talks about how he met bassist and fellow founding member of Nirvana Krist Novoselic at school. Their first drummer was not Dave Grohl but Dave Foster.

The band were not an overnight success. Many of their early gigs were overshadowed with vitriolic heckling. Kurt recalls joyfully his UK success, particularly the Reading Festival performances. Although he suffered with stomach problems from childhood which worsened partly to straining his vocals; it was his ongoing drug use which was the most significant single contributory factor.

His drug use resulted in weight loss, cancellation of many Nirvana tour dates and near-fatal episodes. His daughter would be briefly taken away by social services.

Courtney Love is described by the narrator as being more worried about Kurt when she was in labour with their child. Barnaby Legg, Jim McCarthy And Flameboy collectively allow Kurt to narrate his story in an interesting free-flowing manner captivating the reader, prohibiting readers from getting bored or putting the graphic down.

The authors and artists allow Kurt to celebrate his achievements and talent whilst explaining his addiction, mental health issues, dark events and episodes throughout his life with dignity and without needlessly making the reader feel uncomfortable or disturbed.


GodSpeed: The Kurt Cobain Graphic



BOOK REVIEW: Godspeed: The Kurt Cobain Graphic Novel


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