Jaidyn rated it really liked it Aug 23, The Magician therefore must turn inwards. He currently grjmoire in the Carpathian Mountains of Slovakia with his wife and three children. Grimoire Bestiae We share information about your activities on the site with our partners and Google partners: Bryan rated it it was ok Aug 25, And he said to me: The successful hero, the symbolic Magician, after facing bsstiae evils and obstacles, retrieved that which they sought — the beautiful, the perfect, the Divine — and successfully emerged from The Abyss not only in possession of the treasure that they had sought but also far wiser and more experienced. Place the sprig of mint or relevant herb in the flames, then the picture or of the grlmoire or other relevant icon while beestiae Like the longing of a man to see his home again After many years of captivity The Magician should assemble grikoire list of qualities that he or she would like to be known by in a specific environment and then adopt them. Ideally, there should also be an ante-room leading from the south which should be dedicated as a garderobe and for ritual washing prior to entering the Cella Sacrorum. First the Magician must identify each of the three paths and then dismiss each in turn thusly, drawing their symbol in chalk outside of the circle: The Magician must turn his or her back on the Corporeal Self, enter their own mind, reject the Conscious and enter ebstiae Unconscious.

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He Who Remembers Divine memory personified. Guardian of the Well of highest Wisdom and Knowledge Symbol a head or skull with the Mannaz rune on the forehead 50 IX Preparing f or t he B est ian R it ual Progression The location and equipment of magical operations are as important as the mindset of the Magician.

Wherever possible the Magician should produce his or her own equipment and meditate on the purpose of each while doing so. Such Zen concentration cannot help but imbibe the object with the exact essence of itself and fill it with the purpose for which it is created. I exist therefore I am In regards to eating and sex prior to undertaking the Rites, food should not be consumed within a 24 hour period leading up to the Rite and no sexual activity specifically orgasmic, physical or otherwise within a 72 hour period.

Ta boos Due to the Nature of the Bestian Rites of Aestheteka, there are certain taboos which MUST be observed; mostly these pertain to symbols representing the Archangel Michael as he is the 51 Grimoire B est iae Demiurgos pet killer and is unlikely to favour the Magician following the Bestian Rites; he is more likely to cause harm.

Until the Magician is of such a level to confront and confound Michael on an individual level, his presence and influence should be avoided at all cost. Michael is also associated with Hod and the Number 8 in the position of No. The number of Aestheteka is 9 Yesod in the position of No. Gods Messenger and Warlord, who will be called upon at the end of time to defeat the serpent, as his alter ego and pseudonym, St George, once did back in the mists of legend; one of only four archangels to be named in the Bible Michael, Uriel, Raphael, Gabriel; Jophiel, Chamuel and Zadkiel are not mentioned.

Sounds like a superhero and, as one, has been called upon for millennia to protect those in need: St. Michael, the Archangel, defend us in battle. Be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil. May God rebuke him, we humbly pray, and do thou O prince of the heavenly host by the power of God, cast into hell Satan and all the evil spirits who prowl about the world seeking the ruin of souls.

AMEN Being a sword wielder, and the Captain of Gods legions, St Michael is the Patron Saint of soldiers and the hugely successful selling of prayer53 Grimoire B est iae engraved pendants and medallions to servicemen in Iraq shows that this tradition is being kept.

However, the Archangels military prowess has not always been a barricade sometimes he has been used as the symbol of evil, as was the case with the Legion of Saint Michael, otherwise known as the Iron Guard who, under the leadership of first Corneliu Codreanu and later Horia Sima, combining fascism with ultra-religious dogma, dominated Romania between the World Wars.

Saint Michael, it would seem, did nothing to stop their activities in his name. A far cry from the much older Order of St Michael, which laid down the laws of chivalry in 15th Century France. Saint Joan dArc, the famous La Pucelle who was tried and burned by the English and Burgundians for heresy, blasphemy and witchcraft, claimed Michael was the voice that commanded her, in Gods name, to free France by waging war: Asked which of the apparitions came to her first, she answered that St. Michael came first.

Asked in what form St. Michael appeared, she answered There is as yet no reply to that, for I have not had leave to answer. Then I remembered that my sinful feet were upon holy ground - the ground where that celestial shadow had rested. I moved quickly away, smitten to the bones with fear. Joan followed, and said Do not be afraid; indeed there is no need.

Come with me. We will sit by the spring and I will tell you my secret. But tell me one thing now; what was that awful shadow that I saw? I will tell you, but do not be disturbed; you are not in danger. It was the shadow of an archangel - Michael, the chief and lord of the armies of heaven A dread presence?

Awful shadow? Hardly a fitting description of an angel, especially one so high in the ranks of the Heavenly Host. Perhaps in his guise as the Charon-like Angel of Death, who brings the souls of the dead for Judgment, he is a dark and terrifying figure. While many state that Michael weighs the souls of the dead, it is more 55 Grimoire B est iae likely that he is more of an Anubis type.

It is worth noting that not once in Joans trial does she say that God commanded her personally to wage war always Michael played the character of Hermes the Messenger, relaying Gods wishes; a practice he has apparently always adopted It is odd that in the Bible, Michael always appears and says what God wants.

There are no references to, for example: God said, Go Michael and. And he said to me: Daniel, thou man of desires, understand the words that I speak to thee, and stand upright: for I am sent now to thee. And when he had said this word to me, I stood trembling. And he said to me: Fear not, Daniel: for from the first day that thou didst set thy heart to understand, to afflict thyself in the sight of thy God, thy words have been heard: and I am come for thy words.

But the prince of the kingdom of the Persians resisted me one and twenty days: and behold Michael, one of the chief princes, came to help me Daniel But at that time shall Michael rise up, the great prince, who standeth for the children of thy people: and a time shall come, such as never was from the time that nations began, even until that time.

And at that time shall thy people be saved, every one that shall be found written in the book. Daniel 56 Grimoire B est iae And there was a great battle in heaven: Michael and his angels fought with the dragon, and the dragon fought, and his angels. Revelation When Michael the archangel, disputing with the devil, contended about the body of Moses, he durst not bring against him the judgment of railing speech, but said: The Lord command thee.

The Catholic Epistle of Jude There are a number of instances where an angel fitting Michaels description appears but he is not named individually. And God was angry. And an angel of the Lord stood in the way against Balaam, who sat on the ass, and had two servants with him. The ass seeing the angel standing in the way, with a drawn sword, turned herself out of the way, and went into the field. Numbers And it came to pass that night, that an angel of the Lord came, and slew in the camp of the Assyrians a hundred and eighty-five thousand.

And when he arose early in the morning, he saw all the bodies of the dead. The ongoing animosity between the archetypal Satan whether named as such or not is present throughout the written history of Michael: And Michael went out and called all the angels saying: Worship the image of God as the Lord God hath commanded. And Michael himself worshipped first; then he called me and said: Worship the image of God the Lord. And I [Satan] answered, I have no need to worship Adam.

And since Michael kept urging me to worship, I said to him, Why dost thou urge me? I will not worship an inferior and younger being than I. I am his senior in the Creation, before he was made was I already made.

It is his duty to worship me. If, as Greek Liturgy suggests St Basil et al , Michael is Archistrategos, then he is the Highest General of all angels, therefore above the ranks, as the title 58 Grimoire B est iae Archangel would suggest.

The Roman church Thomas Aquinas et al believes he is merely the highest of the lower ranking Angels. In the early 4th Century CE, Christian scholars working on the basis of Pauls writings, Ephesians and Colossians placed Michael and the other Archangels in the third hierarchy, between the Vitrues and the Angels, thus making them the second lowest of the host, the eighth rank, and those designated to minister to humans and act as a go-between.

Certain sects see Michael as something more than an angel. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints sees Michael and Adam to be one and the same, with Michael being the immortal portion similar to the Gnostic concept of the mortal Jesus and the immortal Christus , while the Jehovahs Witnesses believe him to actually be Jesus, an argument that could be substantiated by two texts: And behold as it were the likeness of a son of man touched my lips: then I opened my mouth and spoke, and said to him that stood before me: O my lord, at the sight of thee my joints are loosed, and no strength hath remained in me.

Daniel 59 Grimoire B est iae But I will tell thee what is set down in the scripture of truth: and none is my helper in all these things, but Michael your prince. Daniel [Jesus said] Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword. A question, not a statement. With the Biblical Gods penchant for violence, appearing in the form of a dread presence wielding a sword the Vau with the capability of killing , people in one evening, it certainly would not be out of character.

Invocation of the angels Whereas in the Bible Hebrew tradition , Michael does not reappear by name after Daniel, he does appear in later occult texts in connection with the wisest king, Solomon. Solomon, the greatest daemonologist of all time, received his instruction in the conjuring and commanding conjuro et confirmo of daemons intelligences, Gr.

With it thou shalt lock up all the demons of the earth, male and female; and with their help thou shalt build up Jerusalem. But thou must wear this seal of God; and this engraving of the seal of the ring sent thee is a Pentalpha.

Armed with it, Solomon called up all the demons before him, and he asked of each in turn his or 61 Grimoire B est iae her name, as well as the name of the star or constellation or zodiacal sign and of the particular angel to the influence of which each is subject.

One after another the spirits were vanquished, and compelled by Solomon to aid in the construction of the Temple. Now when I Solomon heard this, I entered the Temple of God, and prayed with all my soul, night and day, that the demon might be delivered into my hands, and that I might gain authority over him. And it came about through my prayer that grace was given to me from the Lord Sabaoth by Michael his archangel.

The Goetia of the Lesser Key uses Michaels name in the construction of the triangle into which summoned demons are kept while being interrogated by the adept. Agrippa De Arbano, in his Heptameron, places a similar significance to Michaels role in the Hours and Days, as well as in preparatory exorcisms and conjurations as do Agrippas works and the Clavicula. Johannes Trithemius uses Michael as his example in his The art of drawing spirits into crystal, probably because its safer than dealing with the lower denizens.

And bad the Skryer to loke. Then the Sword did seame to cleave in two. And a great fyre flamed out of it 64 Grimoire B est iae vehemently. Then he tok a Ring out of the flame of his sworde, and gave it to Uriel, and sayde, The strength of God is unspeakable. Praysed be God for euer, and euer: Then Uriel did make cursy to him.

The Sword of Moses, most of which reads like a Cthulhu text, refers to Michael as the mighty hero and the living one.

So who was or is Michael? Hes an angel of an uncertain hierarchy but clearly the Captain of the Legions. Hes violent and warlike aka Mars , yet acts as a messenger aka Hermes ; he shepherds the souls of the dead for final judgment Anubis and perhaps even judges them Osiris ; he is the advocate to Satans prosecutor, yet acts the role of Prometheus in the giving of arcane knowledge to Man, as his enemy was punished for; he is the immortal spirit of Adam, the Divine aspect of Jesus but not the Gnostic Christus ; he is the capo di capo of both Sabaoth and Yaldabaoth; he fought and won the Battle of the Host at the beginning of Time and will fight and win again at the end of Time; he is an angel of Light yet his presence is dark and disturbing; he is the Champion of the 65 Grimoire B est iae Faithful and Inspiration of Occultists.

Whoever Michael the Archangel is, and whose side he is on, depends on whether God is the good guy or not and, even then, it appears that throughout history disparate groups have adopted the symbol of the winged, armoured, sword-wielding angel with Qui Deus emblazoned on his shield, to represent their cause, whether for good or for evil.

In the Ophite diagrams, the first demon called Michael is lion-shaped, the same as Ialdabaoth. The only thing we can truly say about Michaels affiliation is that we only have his word for it, but as an Intelligence to be called upon to protect, there is none better. Now storming fury rose, And clamour such as heard in Heaven till now Was never But the sword Of Michael from the armoury of God 66 Grimoire B est iae Was given him tempered so, that neither keen Nor solid might resist that edge: it met The sword of Satan, with steep force to smite Descending, and in half cut sheer; nor staid, But with swift wheel reverse, deep entering, shared All his right side: Then Satan first knew pain, And writhed him to and fro convolved; so sore The griding sword with discontinuous wound Passed through him Miltons Paradise Lost However, being as though we reject the God of the Israelites, we must reject Michael also therefore he becomes our opponent.

A very dangerous opponent. Therefore, the following are regarded as taboo: No Rites may be performed on a Sunday No Rites may be performed on the following days at these hours: 67 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday am 78am 45am 12am 56am 23am am pm 11amMidday am Midday1pm am pm pm pm pm pm pm Midnight1am pm 11pmMidnight No Rites whatsoever The Sun, and solar imagery, is false as it portrays the imperfect God and is presided over by Michael; therefore any Solar Imagery used should be defaced with the Aestheteka Symbol see original cover of Sophia Bestiae to show that the Magician understands that what is portrayed is but a weak illusion of the real.



The Athame, and the brass pots pouch, should be then hung from the sash with ceremonial intent after any prayers have bbestiae said. Grimoire for the Apprentice Wizard. The creation of the persona, the projection of the Self, is ultimately up to the confidence level of the Magician. This defeats the object. Instead, buy a blade blank and a hilt.


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