Overview Overview Unilift KP pumps are submersible drainage pumps suitable for both temporary and permanent free-standing installation. They can be used for pumping drain water or grey wastewater. They are also suitable for installation in collecting tanks. The Unilift KP is a single-stage drainage pump with semi-open impeller, designed for the pumping of drain water and grey wastewater.

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The pumps aresmall and handy, suitable for permanent installation or asa portable pump. The suction strainer at the bottom of thepump prevents particles larger than the pump is designedfor from entering. The suction strainer is clipped on to thepump housing for easy removal, in case of maintenance. Applications Domestic wastewater Features Lightweight and robust - The KP is a lightweight pump designed specifically fordrainage jobs. Its stainless steel surface makes it robust,durable and corrosion free, which reduces maintenance to an absolute minimum.

Wet runner - The pump is designed with a canned rotor, whichhermetically seals the rotor from the stator. This eliminates the need for a shaft seal, making the pump highly reliable and service friendly. Prevention of backflow - An optional non-return flap valve can be fitted in the outlet inorder to prevent backflow when the pump stops operating. Thermal overload protection - The single-phase version is effectively protected against anyaccidental overload, by built-in thermal protection.

This means that no additional motor protection is required. Auto-restart - In case the motor cuts out due to thermal overload, the motorautomatically starts again when it has cooled to normal temperature. Handy and easily transportable - The carry handle mounted on the pump housing makesit handy and easily transportable.

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Unilift KP submersible drainage pump - grey wastewater



Unilift KP, pompe vide cave et de drainage


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