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Requires Android 4. Requires iOS 8. Windows Download: Free42Windows. Linux Download: Free42Linux. Additional Downloads Some skins to use instead of the faceplates built into Free Download rom2raw. You may be able to build it with earlier releases, too, but I can offer no guarantees on that. For the Windows version, you need Microsoft Visual Studio or later. Finally, the HPS Programming Examples and Techniques book is a great source of advanced programming advice and inspiration.

The User Interface functionality that is specific to Free42, e. These are all documented below. Loading and Saving Programs Loading and saving programs is possible in all Free42 versions. The exact process is pretty straightforward in the desktop versions Windows, MacOS, Linux , but it is a bit more complicated on mobile devices.

For instructions for all versions, see here. Starting with release 2. In PRGM mode, Copy puts a text representation of the current program onto the system clipboard, and Paste takes a text representation of a program from the clipboard and loads it as the last program. This works in all Free42 versions, including mobile. In version 2. Scalars Real and complex numbers are copied from the X register at full precision, without thousands separators, and with a decimal point or comma according to the RDX.

When pasting scalars, periods and commas are interpreted according to the RDX. Thousands separators are permitted but ignored. Matrices Matrices are copied from and pasted to the X register in tab-delimited text format, where cells are separated by tab characters, and rows are separated by linefeed characters.

Free42 supports copying and pasting complex matrices, but be aware that most spreadsheets offer only very limited support for complex numbers, and Google Sheets does not support them at all. When copying, the current program is converted to text format, exactly as when it is printed using PRP. When pasting, the text from the clipboard is parsed as a program listing, and the resulting program is loaded at the end of program memory as a new program.

It is possible to paste multiple programs in a single Paste operation; they will be loaded into program memory in the order they appear in the text. This helps with listings that contain comments, but it can cause problems when pasting code that is basically valid, just not formatted in a way Free42 recognizes. Because of this, when pasting a program from an unverified source, it is recommended to at least check that the pasted program has the same number of lines as the listing.

Loading, Saving, and Switching States Starting with version 2. The States command, found in the File menu in the Windows, MacOS, and Linux versions, and in the main menu in the Android and iOS versions, pops up the States management window, as seen in the screen shot on the right. You can save a state to a file with the extension. States that have been imported show up in the list of States, and can be activated by double-clicking them, or clicking them and then pressing Switch To. Other operations in the States manager include duplicating an existing state, creating a new, empty state, and renaming an existing state.

In addition, the mobile versions of Free42 offer the option of "sharing" a state, which brings up a system-provided dialog where you can send the state file in an email. Note that State files are not the same as the "raw" files used for exchanging programs.

You can only work with one state at a time, but states do let you customize the calculator to a far greater extent than merely loading a program can. The two look and behave identically; the only difference is the way they represent numbers internally. The desktop versions of Free42 on this site, that is, the ones for Windows, MacOS, and Linux, include both the Binary and Decimal versions in the download packages.

The versions for Android and iOS, on the other hand, are Decimal only. They could in principle be built with Binary math as well, but due to the way the Android and iOS app stores work, distributing both versions at the same time would be problematic.

The binary version has the advantage of being much faster than the decimal version; also, it uses less memory. However, numbers such as 0. This inexactness can cause some HPS programs to fail. If you understand the issues surrounding binary floating-point, and you do not rely on legacy software that may depend on the exactness of decimal fractions, you may use Free42 Binary and enjoy its speed advantage. If you do not fully understand the above, it is best to play safe and use Free42 Decimal.

Note: the date functions handle dates between October 15, , and September 10, The former is the first day of the Gregorian Calendar, and the latter is , days later. The format in which the date functions accept and return dates is MM.

In MDY and DMY modes, if the number of digits of the display mode is 4 or less, the century part is omitted; if it is 2 or less, the entire year part is omitted; and if it is 0, the months or days part is omitted in DMY or MDY mode, respectively. In YMD mode, if the number of digits in the display mode is 2 or less, the day part is omitted, and if it is 0, the month and day parts are omitted. No AM or PM are displayed. If the number of digits of the display mode is 4 or less, the centiseconds part is omitted; if it is 2 or less, the seconds part is omitted; and if it is 0, the minutes part is omitted.

CLK24 Display the time in hour format. If the date in the Y register is earlier, then the result will be positive. DOW Calculates the day of the week for the date in the X register. Returns a number from 0 to 6, where 0 is Sunday, 1 is Monday, and so on. When this function is executed from the keyboard, the day is also displayed in a human-friendly format, i.

The time is returned in HH. Wrapped mode changes the behavior when arguments or results go beyond the aforementioned ranges. In the standard, non-wrapped mode, arguments outside of those ranges result in Invalid Data errors, and results outside of those ranges result in Out of Range errors, unless the Range Error Ignore flag flag 24 is set, in which case the result is the closest value from within the range.

This behavior will be natural to anyone familiar with the behavior of microprocessors, or of integer arithmetic and bitwise logic in C and related programming languages. Free42 2. Returns the current word size. Alternatively, you can check flag You can check whether wrapped or non-wrapped mode is active by checking the MODES menu, where there will be a dot marking the BWRP menu item when wrapped mode is active.

You are not Stepping Into the function; rather, you are Stepping Over it. You are Stepping Out of the function. Step Over and Step Out are new functions in 2. In high-level language debuggers, the only difference between the two is with function or method calls. These are variables that exist only for the duration of the current subroutine, and are automatically deleted when it returns. The three components of the acceleration vector are returned in the X, Y, and Z registers.

Holding the device facing you, in portrait orientation, and the dock connector pointing towards the floor, positive X is acceleration toward the left, positive Y is acceleration downwards, and positive Z is acceleration away from you — or, in terms of gravity, positive X is gravity pulling to the right, positive Y is gravity pulling upwards, and positive Z is gravity pulling toward you.

The location is returned as follows: latitude in X, longitude in Y, elevation in Z, and horizontal and vertical accuracy in a two-element vector in T. The latitude and longitude are given in decimal degrees, with North and East being positive; the elevation and accuracies are given in meters. This returns the following data: magnetic heading in X, true heading in Y, heading accuracy in Z, and the raw magnetic vector in a three-element vector in T. The headings and accuracy are given in degrees, where North is 0, East is 90, and so on; the components of the magnetic vector are given in microteslas.

The components are oriented with respect to the device along the same axes as the accelerometer readouts.


HP-42S Programming Examples and Techniques - 1988

Requires Android 4. Requires iOS 8. Windows Download: Free42Windows. Linux Download: Free42Linux. Additional Downloads Some skins to use instead of the faceplates built into Free Download rom2raw.


Free42 : An HP-42S Calculator Simulator



HP 42S Technical Manual



HP -42S Manual


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