June For National Book Award-winning author Pete Hautman, the experience of writing his latest young adult novel, Invisible, was an intense and unusually speedy one. The author says most of his books take several years to write, but when he got the idea for Invisible, I wrote the first draft in five weeks. I was almost obsessed. He adds, In a sick, depressing way, it was a joy to write.

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Start your review of Invisible Write a review Feb 22, Crystal rated it it was amazing Okay, so I did get one thing right. I enjoyed this as a fan of the author and of psychology. Apr 26, Joe rated it liked it Recommends it for: anyone looking for a fast, creepy read Recommended to Joe by: My mom!

A student of mine recommended it to me. The book was weird Far less likeable. Dougie is clearly a disturbed individual, but Hautman peppers him with cloying asides and "quirks" that come off as a third-rate Christopher Swindon from The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time. It becomes tiresome. Knowing the twist added to the suspense: I constantly wondered how Hautman would tie it all together. He does. The chapters are short and taut, infused with a sinister edge that is typically unfound in YA novels.

The book mercilessly bullets toward its denouement and skids to a satisfyingly oblique ending that neither absolves or completely punishes the actions of its characters. Doug is a socially awkward, literal-minded middle school student who is basically ignored by everyone but a super popular kid in his own grade named Andy.

Doug asserts himself when he says that he and Andy are like this -- crosses fingers But to each his own.. Idiot child! Have you done at least 10 years of research and training to be able to perscribe people medication for their problems?

I highly recommend for literature circles that focus on "Mental Illness" as the theme. When I look at the very last one for too long I feel queasy and my eyes go funny.. He was an artist and loved to paint kitties. This link will show you his descent into madness, and how his artwork reflects the corruption of his senses


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Athletic and popular, Andy is very different from socially inept Dougie, yet the two find things to talk about. Dougie also is suicidal and has an obsession with a train set he inherited from his grandfather. He creates, a town involving the trains, called Madham and obsessively builds a replica of the Golden Gate Bridge using match sticks in the basement of his parents home. Dougie appears to be unaware he has some form of mental illness potentially PTSD , autism , schizophrenia , pyromania , although what type of mental illness he struggles with is never discussed. He often views others as being different or abnormal. Dougie claims he is not a troubled youth, but others seem to see him as such, and he engages in troublesome activities: stalking and prank calls.


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Book Review: Invisible by Pete Hautman


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