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Posted: May 28, pm 0 Every month, a lot of mentalism stuff is coming out and most of it is I tell you why: It is three booklets full of great mentalism. Book No 1 starts with the JaJa Center tear, still one of the best. In this booklet and the second one , you will find billet switches, billet work incredible billet routines, new! Gary always speaks of the importance of composition. In mentalism , we only have a limited supply of effects and composition of effects is everything.

It is the thing that makes your performance a hit or a failure. The routines are clever and I have still to find just one book that has such clever and different and entertaining " hardcore " routines. Booklet No 3 is on card routines that as far as I know Gary used to open his act with.

It is a take a card , think of a card thing but again, the composition makes it a stunner Although it may not be easy to find the cards, necessary to perform this effect, get it , try it, you will have one of the strongest openers in mentalism , you can do.

But there is another reason for my love with these booklets: Gary started as a close up magician, who could do very technically demanding stuff with no difficulty and completely fooling his audience.

Then, more and more he got into mentalism. You can see his past in his sleights and routines. He uses his sleight of hand ability to do incredible mentalism. It is a different approach, but it is so effective. I started with manipulation, when I was young and turned to close up magic. Then I discovered mentalism. I love sleight of hand by the way , also Bob Cassidy points out that sleight of hand is very useful, also for the mentalist and the routines in the book are very technically demanding.

But you perform routines that you will not find described in many other books. Gary is not limited to gaffs or psychology.

His routines are a composition of gaff, psychology and! Thank you.


Jak Jakutsch – Completely Mental(1-3)

Relentless — Part Two. Down the Arm Vanish. He also walks you through a make it yourself impression device. Lakewood, CO, United States.


Completely Mental — Vol. 1


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