Clockwise and anti-clockwise rotation Scale in or out by any percantage Fit to Page, Width, Height Pages are dynamically resampled to optimise image shown at given scaling. Keep document in memory JPedal can load a document directly from URL into memory so the file cannot be accessed or copied. Prevent text copying JPedal text selection can be totally switched off. Disable load and save JPedal lets Java Developers prevent users from loading or saving any other files. Add custom operations JPedal allows Java Developers to add custom functions or intercept and reroute any command to their code.

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He enjoys speaking at conferences. He has an MA in Medieval History and a passion for reading. We can now reveal our plans for the next 12 months well some of them. Some of these changes will be immediate, some will be phased in and some we are announcing now so that you know what we are doing.

From April, we will move to JPedal release 7 which is our way of signaling big changes. Changes In the April Release…. This allows us to better support more types of PDF files with just a single jar. Many customers do not even know if they are working with XFA files or not, so this will make life much simpler. Existing customers will be grandfathered into the new version.

Under the hood, we have been working on a big code tidy with long deprecated methods now removed and a clean-up to remove old, unused methods and to tidy up meaning that JPedal is easier to work on, more efficient and is a better code base for you to use. In later releases, we will also be giving you some new features… 4. Applets are dead and buried! Forms saving Until now, JPedal has been unable to edit files. We will add additional features and enhancements to this over the year.

This will allow us to provide a single, complete solution for our clients with Forms. We will continue to add additional image features and also improve the Viewer as a Java image viewing solution. At the moment, we support Java6 level and moving to Java8 will allow us to make JPedal better by using streams, lambda and more to improve performance.

Our aim is to have a modern, actively developed product for our customers, and we feel is the time to move onto Java8. So we are giving 12 months notice of the change… 4. More editing features. You will have to wait and see… We hope that you like the changes and look forward to your feedback now or over the next 12 months.

On the blog our team post about anything interesting they learn about.


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