It is a highly stylized and precise art form of Kerala-also known as gods own country. We cordially invite you to enjoy the tradition in an excellent setting Testimonials John miltons kathakali team is one of the best team in the country which is the best Raman The kathakali team of john milton has grown leaps and bounds in fame ARD kerala cultural arts company is the only company with all art forms and its the ultimate Santhanam I recommend kerala cultural arts company to all who crave for the ultimate art forms, they deliver the best Selvam Pacha Vesham Green The faces of noble male protagonists, such as virtuous kings, the divine hero Rama, etc. Kathi Vesham Knife Kathi vesham portrays villainous characters. Characters of high birth who have an evil streak, Thadi Vesham Beard Superhuman monkeys like Hanuman, and Nandikeswara are characterized by Vella Thadi White beard Chuvanna Thadi Red beard Chuvanna Thadi Red beard is used to portray extremely angry or excessively evil characters Karutha Thadi Black beard Forest dwellers such as hunters are represented with a predominantly black make-up called Karutha Thadi Kari Vesham Black Kari vesham is used to portray she-demons Minukku Vesham Woman role Minukku vesham represents women and ascetics who have lustrous, yellowish faces. There are 24 main mudras a Telephone.

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Kapidhakam The fruit of a tree : There are 10 double hand symbols: 1. Net, 2. Doubt, 3. Tail feather of a peacock, 4. Drinking, 5. Touching, 6. Prevent, 7. In the open expanse of land, 8. The outer side, 9. Descend, To step 8. Moon, 2. Air, 3. Kamadeva, 4. Gods, 5. Mountain, 6. Valley, 7. Everyday, 8. Relatives, 9. Bedding, Rock, Happiness and comfort, Chest, Female breast, Cloth, Vehicle, Lie, Lying down, Falling, Croud, Beating, Covering, Spreading, Found, Coming, Salutation, Game, Sandal, Embrace, Follow, Escaping, Reach, Mace, The cheek region, Shoulder, Hair, Humility, Blessing, Sint, Thus, Fish, Worship, Tortoise Double hand symbols: 1.

You, 2. Sword, 3. Anger, 4. Now, 5. In front of, 7. Axe, 8. Light, 9. Calling, Getting nearness Prevent 9. Sikharam Peak : 1. Walking, 2. Legs, 3. Eyes, 4. Sight, 5. Path, 6. Ears, 8. Iris, 2. Smoothness, 3. Dust, 4. Whiteness, 5. Blue colour, 6. Red, 7. Mercy, 8. Hairs of the body 4 single hand symbols: 1. Beginning of the rainy season, 2. Hair of the head, 3. The line of hair on the abdomen, 4. The three folds of skin above the naval of a woman Anjaly Folded hands in Salutation : 15 Double hand symbols: 1.

Excessive rain, 2. Vomiting, 3. Fire, 3. Horse, 4. Loud noise, 6. Light, 7. Hair, 8. Ear-ring, 9. Heat or sorrow, Anxiety, Always, Blood, River, Flowing 2 single hand symbols: 1.

Twigs of the tree, 2. Anger Totally 17 symbols using this Mudra.



Jones and Ryan state it is more than years old. Historically, all these plays were derived from Hindu texts such as the Ramayana, the Mahabharata and the Bhagavata Purana. Modern performances are shorter. The stage with seating typically in open grounds outside a temple, but in some places, special theatres called Kuttampalam built inside the temple compounds have been in use. In both traditions, the performance happens in the front of a huge Kalivilakku with its thick wick sunk in coconut oil, burning with a yellow light.


List of mudras (dance)

Train in this artform. Send us a message with your requirements. This elaborate art form integrates dance, music, poetry and histrionics. And combines both the thandava powerful energetic dance, as that of Shiva and lasya gentle graceful dance, as that of Parvathi element.





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