Dikree To use these keys as function keys, e. Legend of Kyrandia 2. This page was last updated: Others whisper in sly, con More info kytandia cookies. The Legend of Kyrandia Book One in library. This means that you need to use the mouse to control them. A more detailed description of this menu is available on the ScummVM Interface page.

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Table of Contents History of Kyrandia How To Play: Installation Getting Started Keyboard Controls Objection Manipulation Game Screen Options Menus Loading A Game Saving Games Game Controls Many centuries before our story, King William the first created a covenant with the Natural kingdom. The residents of Kyrandia and the Natural world were made partners in a plan of mutual care and protection.

An enormous gem, now known as the Kyragem, emerged from the ground on the spot where King William stood. The gem was given to the people of Kyrandia by the Land as a symbol of this sacred alliance. It was the responsibility of the Royal family to ensure the safety of the Kyragem. Before the Kyragem, Magic only existed as unconnected fragments of a temporary nature.

The Kyragem has concentrated the magic in Kyrandia that anywhere else in the kingdom of man. Originally used as the source of magic for the protective covering about the gem itself, the powers were later also used during the construction of the wondrous Castle Kyrandia. The descendants of these early craftsmen passed on knowledge of the magic to the following generations.

Each geneation added to the knowledge, and expanded the applications to various sites throughout Kyrandia. Many years later, abuse of the magical powers became common and the magic was used daily for even simple tasks. Choosing from among those stone masons posessing knowledge of the various forms of magic, Queen Thelia established the four mystical disiplines of Alchemy, Spirituality, Scrolls, and Gem Lore.

The Royal Mystics celebrate their humble orgins each year with the festival of mortar, which is believed to be the luckiest week of the year. Several long years of brtal attacks almost rined Kyrandia.

Reluctant to use magic as an offensive weapon, King Bernard eventually employed the magic of the Kyragem to turn the invading armies against the evil of their own commanders. Benjamin the Gardner, nephew of King Bernard, and first king of the modern lineage, spent his lengthy tenure occpied with the complete re-creation of the forests and natural wonders that had been so horribly destroyed by the invading armies during his childhood. The Roya Mystics assisted Benjamin in his work, and installed many of the magical natural wonders that exist to this day.

Many historians also credit Pantos, a tailor to the court of Kyrandia, with the invention of trousers durning this period. Recent history has not been kind to Kyrandia. The enlightened reign of King William the Generous ended tragically not long ago when Malcom, a friend of the family and jester to the court, murdered both king and queen, and seized the Kyragem.

For a brief and terrifying moment, Kyrandia was at the mercy of Malcolm. Fortunately, Kallak, chief of the Mystics, and father of the slain qeen, was able to create a magical seal that prevented Malcolmfrom leaving the castle. Fearing for the safety of his grandson, Kallak chose to leave the palace and raise young Brandon in a rural are beyond the Timbermist woods and far away from the castle now inhabited by the captive usuper Malcolm.

Orphand as an infant, and sole heir to the throne of Kyrandia, Brandon has been kept ignorant of his royal status by his protective grandfather. Despite its long and gloris history, all is not well in Kyrandia today. Denied further access to the Kraygem, the Royal Mystics are unable to replenish their magical stores. Reseres are scare, and the Mystics have been forced to disassemble more protective enchantments every year in an effort to maintain enough power for the spell which restrains Malcolm.

Now Grown To adulthood, Brandon will soon be drawn into the madness of Malcolm. Alone in his confinement, and unsable to escape, Malcom has carefully planned his revenge. He has worked against the bonds that hold him and ploted against all Kyrandia, as none would crown him king. At this very moment the shackles which held Malcolm have failed! Malcom has broken free, and his vengeful spite has already begun to destroy the land.

You must guide him before it is too late! Focus your magic. Restore the Kyragem, and claim your rightful place in the legend of Kyrandia!

Next, Type the letter of the floppy drive, A or B. This will copy all of the necessary files to the hard drive. Be sure to select the correct graphics mode and sound card during this pocedure. It is always advisable to make back-up copies of your master program diskettes to increase the life of the masters and uard against accidents. Getting Started: The introduction to Kyrandia will begin once the game has been loaded.

If you are in a hurry, or have already wathced the introductory scenes, you may bypass the introduction scenes by presing any key. You will find Kyrandia easy to learn and fun to play. All characters and game items are activated simply by pointing and clicking with your mouse. The first few scenes are not immediately dangerous to the Brandon, so feel free to roam about for a few scenes as you get comfortable.

Using a Mouse to Play or: Clicking around Kyrandia: All of the game playing activities in Kyrandia can be easily controlled by using your mouse. Only the left button is needed. The middle and right buttons that you may have are not used in this game. The mouse is connected to the pointer arrow [cursor] on the monitor screen, and any movement of your mouse will result in a corresponding movement by the pointer on the screen.

You play the game by moving the pointer to an area or on an object and then pressing on the mouse button. Clicking Brandon Around Kyrandia. The Main character in this game is named Brandon. You as the player will control the activities and even the fate of Brandon by clicking him around the scenes of Kyrandia. Click on the left side of the screen, and Brandon will walk in that direction.

Click to the right, and Brandon will obediently walk to the right. In many cases, Brandon will walk to the exact spot where you clicked. In other cases, Brandon may not be able to walk as far as you wish. In those cases, Brandon will walk as far as he possibly can. You can often re-direct Brandon even as he is walking if you change your mind.

You can walk Brandon out of the scene in wich he currently appears by clicking on the edge of the scene in the direction you would like him to go. He will walk to the edge, and then appear in the adjoining area as it is displayed. Notice that the shape of the pointer will change when it is positioned on a scene edge or doorway through which Brandon may pass. This is an indication to the player that clicking there will exit Brandon from the current scene, and send him into the adjoining area.

Although Brandon can usually walk up, down, left or right, he will often find himslef in areas where his movements are restricted. Using a Keyboard to Play: The keyboard controls for Kyrandia are similar in function to those for using a mouse.

The on-screen pointer can be maneuvered by using the numeric keypad. Object manipulation, or: Carrying on in Kyrandia: You can make Brandon pick up, carry, and use many of the objects that appear in Kyrandia simply by clicking on them. For example: you make Brandon pick up the apple that is hidden in the pot in his home by positioning the pointer on the pot and clicking. Moving the Mouse will now allow you to move the apple around the screen. Once the apple becomes the pointer, several options are available to Brandon.

You may have Brandon add the apple to the items he is carrying in his knapsack by positioning the apple down below the screen in one of his inventory slots, and the clicking to release it. Once the apple in his knapsack, Brandon will carry the apple with him as he moves about Kyrandia. Another option you have with the apple is to make use of it. There are many things to find in Kyrandia, and the employment of various objects in necessary to solve some of the puzzles Brandon is likely to encounter.

In the case of the apple, it may be used by having Brandon eat it. If you picked up the apple and click it on Brandon, he will aet apple and an apple core will remain. There are also number of actives areas and objects in Kyrandia that Brandon cannot pick up.

Clicking on these areas, and clicking objects on these areas will often initiate actions. Brandon will be as surprised as you, and will likely make some comment about finding the apple. The pot also has further potential for action. Once the apple has been removed, other items may be dropped in. The apple core may be disposed of in a hygenic manner by dropping in.

The apple core may be disposed of in a hygienic manner by dropping in into the pot. Most of the other people in Kyrandia will speak to Brandon briefly upon meeting him, and can be prompted to speak at greater length by clicking on them. Some of the people may require that brandon bring specific objects to them [and that you click these items on them] before they will continue their conversations.

The Game Screen: The game screen in Kyrandia is divided into two distinct areas are distinguished. The upper portion of the screen displays the graphics depicting the current location of the principal character Brandon. If you move Brandon far enough in one diection, the game screen will change to display his new surroundings. You, as the player, cannot view any other areas. Access to certain areas may not be allowed to Brandon unless specific game puzzle condirions are satisfied.



Kitaur Legend of Kyrandia, The. This menu can be used to load and save games as well as change the game settings e. These instructions concern any computer that has a keyboard and a mouse e. Hotkeys specific to a game are listed in the Game specific instructions section. Most helpful Most positive Most critical Most recent. Westwood Studios Genre: The newest version of this game can be purchased on Xzone. Refine your search for legend of kyrandia.


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