Two years ago, I had the chance to evaluate the then-new Leupold RX rangefinder. It instantly became my favorite laser rangefinder and has been on every hunt with me since then. In the review of the RX, I mentioned that it takes a combination of good features to make a good rangefinder, even more to make a truly outstanding one. Leupold had really hit a home run. The RX soared to the top based on size, ease of use, an outstanding LED display and outstandingly good image quality. It was a privilege to test such a fine product.

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This LRF is my personal favorite. Right or wrong my decision was made solely on the basis of the reputation that the name Leupold has created. Manufactured in the USA, Leupold has very tight tolerances for their products, and takes pride in that. I need the assurance that when I am out dealing with the elements rain or shine, the rangefinder will not let me down. Vortex has the best warranty out of any of the range finders in my opinion.

But why do they need it? So my choice was made. Constructed out of a solid aluminum block, and coated in an impact absorbing rubber material, when you first hold it you notice how solid it feels.

Unlike the competitors that feel like cheap plastic, this rangefinder is well constructed. They rubber eye piece is retractable to allow users with glasses to get a wider field of view.

A new processor engine has been born; they refer to as DNA Digitally enhanced accuracy. Virtually instantaneous readings are achieved.

Press the button and your range is displayed. Significant advancements have been made in the optical system. Leupold utilizes an O-LED display that actually injects the light into the optical path. So unlike most other LCD display range finders this gives Leupold an advantage into significant increase in clarity and light transmission.

TBR stands for true ballistic range. The range finder has 4 readouts. MOA: The minutes of angle of elevation to adjust your rifle scope for precise zero. HOLD: The number of inches or centimeters to hold over or under aim point on target.

MIL: The mill radians of angle of elevation to adjust your rifle scope for precise zero. I had to be careful not let my bias come into play. This decision did not come easily, as it does everything so well.


RX-1000i TBR with DNA Digital Laser Rangefinder

The newest RX rangefinders are packed with features, but how well do they perform? Images through the rangefinder are magnified by 6X, so you can easily make out objects from afar. I found that I could range deer from yards and trees from yards. To get the maximum 1, foot range, you have to be ranging a highly reflective object. Ranges are exceptionally accurate, with pinpoint precision to within one-half of a yard.


Leupold RX-1000i TBR DNA Rangefinder



Leupold® RX-1600i TBR/W Rangefinder


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