Features, Applications Description The LM consists of two independent precision voltage comparators with an offset voltage specification as low 2. Operation from split power supplies is also possible and the low power supply current drain is independent of the magnitude of the power supply voltage. These comparators also have a unique characteristic in that the input commonmode voltage range includes ground, even though operated from a single power supply voltage. Application areas include limit comparators, simple analog to digital converters; pulse, squarewave and time delay generators; wide range VCO; MOS clock timers; multivibrators and high voltage digital logic gates. When operated from both plus and minus power supplies, the LM will directly interface with MOS logic where their low power drain is a distinct advantage over standard comparators.

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Faurr In the OP, there was no specification of exactly what the levels were, and for all one knows the inputs were so close together that the comparator was responding to thermal drifts. The other comparator should be configured so that the output is high-impedance.

I placed a 1K resistor between Vcc and output. Low input offset voltage: Since the LM comparator chip is too small for an indication of the pins to be printed, the datasheet has an illustrated figure, a pinout, which shows the location and function of each pin. Media Subscription Media Contacts. Free Sample Add to cart. Left side of the breadboard was used for another version. Email Required, but never shown. These are called pins. Computers and Peripherals Data Center. Having the comparator been placed in reverse, should Lmp expect it to be broken or is there possibly another cause to my problem?

I have two inputs for my LMP comparator https: Did my comparator break? To add some info, originally Datashest was using photodiodes to compare the outputs of two of dattasheet and send the result to the Arduino. Instead, try a circuit like this simulate this circuit — Schematic created using CircuitLab.

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. Writing with the digital ports, high and low, alternated by a second, I got the comparator to play nice. Production processing does not necessarily include testing of all parameters. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. This makes the LM suitable with a 9 V battery, since this battery has a voltage range of approximately 5 V to 10 V.

Update Made some new observations. Product is under characterization. If your Arduino is reading both states, 0 and 1, your comparator may be OK. I will order some extra indeed, unfortunately I only have the one at hand. Communications Equipment, Computers and Peripherals. The datasheet provided for the LM states that it has an optimal voltage range of 2 V to 36 V. Each voltage comparator chip has a datasheet that includes important information about features of the part and how it is an improvement over previous models of that part.

If the first point has a higher voltage than the second point, the switch is turned on. Please contact our sales support for information on specific devices. Related Articles


LM393. Описание, datasheet, схема включения, аналог



LM393 — Cдвоенный компаратор




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