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The upper block of the console, or is all the connections can be set to dissociate themselves in different ways. By setting the block on the back of the console, it saves the units when the front rack. There are 16 single units with panoramic parametric equalizer, gain control, mute, solo and 6 auxiliary sends. A button "low cut" below the low setting potentiometer is used to cut the infra low the difference is really obvious.

In addition to the faders are the buttons on bus route to the 4 "sub" or directly to the stereo master output "main mix". The console has a 48 volt power supply. Every 1 to 8 in a direct output jack 6.

The buses and the stereo outputs "main mix" are balanced jack 6. At the back are usually insert a "hand insert" to address all of the console with a processor dybamique example. Output "control room" on 6. Section of returns "stereo to return" allows different assignments, through switches, the "subs" or "main mix" and other routing.

Meanwhile compact leaves little room for fingers between the various switches and potentiometer but the fact that it gives him the ability to be rack is quickly forget this more or less annoying.

For me, mine is in a rack with my expander and effects, it is a good space saving and is convenient in its use. There really is a very good preamp which provides an excellent listening and dynamics, the "big" sound as some would say. The parametric EQ is really effective when you turn the knob means and notament real difference in the bass that have made an excellent especially in the lower frequencies. The switch "low cut" removes the sub bass. This is one of the charms of the analog and for those looking for a sound console of this type will satisfy the Mackie pleinenement.

I really like the insert general "main insert" that allows you to connect a dynamics processor to handle all of the console. I bought it new and at the time she was around for francs.

I did it revise once there it 3 or 4 years. He just had to change the volume control of the "control room" and the technician told me that apart from that it is in perfect condition.

I have a hard time separating myself today, and if I had to buy a console of this type I will take this model without hesitation. The master left who does not work anymore She plays the role of prampli, has not the same, a relatively large crosstalk between tracks.? It will be very effective in you home studio, but completely Exceeds for sound Does not have XLR outputs, prepare your interfaces I think the mackie ptite has little future before it.

However in a fixed config like mine, it holds the road


All user reviews for the Mackie 1604-VLZ Pro


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VLZ4 Series


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