The review challenged my social-moderate-with-liberal-leanings views and made me think it would be good for me to read this book, even if it might not be enjoyable to have liberal views laid bare in the same way that conservative views often are. In the process, his points which are actualy good ones are often obscured and you end up just being annoyed with his method of communicating. This was the tactic used by Hitler and the National Socialists Nazis used, to paraphrase: Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it! This is so obvious when In Makers and Takers: How Conservatives Do All the Work While Liberals Whine and Complain the author, Peter Schweizer, contrasts what the left spouts confidently as factual with more scientific survey-based truth and blasts what liberals hope what they want the general public to accept as true. This is so obvious when you take a skeptical look at what is being claimed as fact. The author points out that in many of these cases those putting out false accusation as facts are essentially doing what they claim the targets of their propaganda are doing.

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Already Read Conservatives are ignorant, selfish, and hypocritical. Liberals are enlightened, generous, and honest. Schweizer also goes beyond the data to examine why this is so. From the myth that wealth is the result of luck or exploitation to the insistence that individuals are not accountable to God or social institutions, the principles of liberalism, Schweizer shows, have corrupted the personal virtues and community values Americans once honored.

When compared to conservatives on a long list of personality and moral traits, modern liberals consistently come up short. Liberals are much more likely to think about themselves first and less willing to make sacrifices for others. They are less interested and much more likely to think about themselves first and less willing to make sacrifices for others. They are less interested in caring for a physically ill or elderly family member, and more concerned with ensuring that their own needs are being met.

Liberals are much more likely to report that money is important to them, that they don? They are also more likely to be envious of others. When considering a new job, liberals are more interested in job security and vacation time than their conservative counterparts. They also tend to value hard work less and embrace leisure as more desirable. Conservatism on the other hand is directly associated with the so-called Protestant ethic. Liberals are much more likely to suffer from a nervous breakdown, attempt suicide, suffer from depression, and be chronically angry.

Despite claims that conservatives are ignorant, studies and surveys show that conservatives and Republicans tend to know more about public affairs, have a better understanding of economics, and do better on word association tests.

Conservatives are more satisfied with their lives, their professions, their health, even when compared to liberals with the same demographics age, income, etc.

Obviously there are many exceptions, but conservatives in general are more willing to make sacrifices for their children, and their children in turn are less likely to take drugs, smoke, or drink at a young age. Conservative families are also closer. They are more likely to stay in touch with each other on a regular basis and trust each other more. For all the talk of liberal compassion, the reality is that conservatives are much more likely to donate money and time to charitable causes.

Also, the reasons that liberals and conservatives get involved in charities tend to be different. Conservatives are less likely to become angry at someone, less likely to seek revenge, and less likely to throw or break things in a temper. This is no mere tit-for-tat response to liberal name-calling.

For too long, explains Schweizer, liberals have fostered unjustified caricatures of conservatives — and flattering portraits of themselves — to avoid honest debate. Besides, argues Schweizer, while conservatives have long maintained that liberal policies promote social decay, Makers and Takers proves that liberalism can also lead to personal decay, while conservatism can lead to happiness and fulfillment.


Makers and Takers



Makers and Takers: How Conservatives Do All the Work While Liberals Whine and Complain



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