The Sorcery! The Sorcery Spell Book was originally a separate, small book that came boxed with The Shamutanti Hills, and was not incorporated into the main gamebook till the first publication by Puffin under the Adventure Gamebooks banner. When it did so the illustrations were excluded, making a return when the book was re-issued by Wizard. The illustrations are once again absent in the Scholastic edition. Errors Edit An oddity about the food system is that once you learn to avoid unnecessary fights and hazards it will most likely be in your interest to starve yourself for days on end. If you sleep at the inn in Dhumpus you are not asked if you ate the previous day.

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Oct 11, Leo. Before Harry Potter but equally as good. This was the big twist, this gamebook series allowed the reader to play as a sorcerer. The snag was that the spells had to be memorised from the book, and each had a cost to cast. It added a whole new dimension. Penned by Steve Jackson, one of the co-creators of the Fighting Fantasy series, it was intended to be read by older readers.

The four books in the series were larger than the other gamebooks of the time and grew positively huge by volume 4 and they were all linked. Decisions and items carried on from one book to the next, and all manner of moral questions faced the reader with no necessarily right or wrong answer. Resources such as rations have to be carefully husbanded. And money is required to sleep in the safety of an inn.

The ultimate quest is to recover the stolen Crown of Kings from the Archmage, but at this stage of the adventure such considerations are far distant. The first book is a surprisingly gentle introduction as the reader leaves the safety of his home and travels through the poisoned lands of the Shamutanti Hills, heading for the great port city of Khare, the gateway to the even worse lands beyond.

A very good job is made of describing the journey and the passage through the hills and woods, encountering all manner of creatures and poverty stricken villages. Knowing when to fight and when not was a useful skill to acquire. It was atmospheric, interesting, and there were a large number of alternate paths through the countryside and choices to be made, increasing replay value enormously.

I had little difficulty until I met the manticore pictured on the cover. This shredded me twice before I finally laid it to rest. Shortly thereafter, I found myself outside the gates of Khare, ready to begin book If the Minimite friends you, beware.

Maybe helping the Svinns Could relieve you of him? Or Black Lotuses, quelling the air? I always get the plague or run over by a I remember thinking these books were just so darn cool when I was growing up - I had purchased the second and third off the shelf on a whim from a used bookstore. The "interface" is very ingenious - how perfect to have a printed, randomized set of die at the foot of all right-hand pages to make the game playable out of the box.

The story is creative, and I love the interactivity. Next-level Choose Your Own Adventures. Great magic system with 48 different spells at your disposal.


The Shamutanti Hills (d20)



The Shamutanti Hills (book)


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The Shamutanti Hills




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